OBS Crash


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Hello guys!
Can anyone help me whith this crash log?
obs used to run correctly, but after some uptades it only crashes... jus don´t know what to do, so please


  • Crash 2021-07-04 09-58-01.txt
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hi, thanks for reply
here are the logs (attached) cause OBS doesn't run


  • Crash 2021-07-06 09-21-22.txt
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  • 2021-07-06 09-21-19.txt
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You have 4gig ram and only nearby 450mb free at early start of obs.

Try to close any other app and try to start obs with admin privileges.
If you want to start over with a fresh install you should remove the directory

Not only obs updates should be mentioned, win-10 updates coming in over the last months may change or worsen the status quo, (unfortunately) too.

The last log entry is during init of the gpu/graphics. Maybe a driver problem, so.