obs crash

  1. Agape Multimidia

    HELP! OBS crash when i close it, follow the log

    Hello guys! obs has been showing that crash window as soon as I close the program, and sometimes when I open it. Attached is the log: Tks!
  2. J

    OBS Crash 0x80000003

    Hi, Lately I have been experiencing this error since last week, I couldn't really find a fix that really worked for me, and I am wondering how to fix it. Here are my log and crash files since last week. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem? Thank you very much.
  3. L

    My OBS crash help !

    Hello, My OBS crash every time i try to launch it Here is the crash report: Thanks for the help!
  4. M

    OBS keeps crashing even after reinstall

    Hi guys, I'm dying, my OBS kept crashing during stream tonight. I trying resintalling 3 times. CGU is updated. Windows is updated. I tried windows 8 compatibility mode as well. Still crashing. Crash report attached. PLEASE HELP MEEEE
  5. G

    OBS is crashing - Scene Collection Import

    I think I just figured it out myself. I use a Mac at home and PC at church. Are they compatible? Do I have to recreate this scene from scratch?
  6. HershTV


    Been having OBS crashing issues which started about a month ago, I have pasted logs below if someone can help or knows why. This would be a big help, I'm tired of my stream crashing once a day!
  7. N

    Obs crashes daily around the same time

    Hello everybody and thank you for taking your time to help me with this. I'm using v27.2.3 and for about a week I've had it crashing after roughly the same amount of time (2,5 hours). It's not even a proper crash, no crash logs are generated, however the preview screen freezes and twitch no...
  8. F

    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and OBS freezing at random

    Here's my last log file I'm having this problem for several months/OBS updates now. At random, my OBS will freeze and Bitrate will drop to 0 requiring me to kill OBS in task manager in order to restart the stream. It can happen with 10 minutes of stream or 10 hours, it can happen every day or...
  9. sandrix

    OBS CRASH Random time

    Hey! A friend of mine ran into such a problem that his OBS constantly crashes at random times without errors in the logs. White screen only. This is a list of what I have done. Nothing helped. Anyone else have any ideas? - Reinstall OBS and update to the latest version - Granting administrator...
  10. RaduL

    OBS Studio Crash Error

    Hello OBS Team and Community. I have a problem. OBS is crashing pretty often. Can you help me with a solution if you can, please. Attached is the log file. Thank you in advance.
  11. D

    Crash while streaming wasn't OBS fault- it was Qualcomm Ethernet fault

    FYI, I had set up a new computer for OBS and had done basic testing and thought it was OK. At my home I didn't think I could test streaming because my consumer internet connection would not allow connecting to via rtmp. (turns out I set up an RTMP server on my network with a Raspberry Pi and now...
  12. N

    OBS Crashes after a few hours of streaming

    Hey friends! Lately, I've been streaming and after a few hours, stream crashes. I was hoping based on my log files someone could help me troubleshoot the issue. When the crash happens, it says something along the lines of "texture not loading" I've included my latest crash and log files...
  13. J

    OBS Keeps on crashing when enabling NDI

    Hi, thank you in advance for your help. What could be the reason why OBS constantly crashes? Kindly check the attached log file. Thanks!
  14. B

    OBS crashing when trying to upload/insert an image/media source

    Hi all! Hoping for some guidance on this known issue. I've tried this multiple times and it doesn't work: https://obsproject.com/wiki/Known-Conflicts Crash report: https://obsproject.com/logs/x3RB-d15GvjgSRSU Specs: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor, 3701 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12...
  15. Varu


    Hello guys I have some problems with OBS for the past 2 days. It crashed randomly when i'm switching scenes or when i start the program. I have Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i9-9900KF, RTX 2060, no overclocking. My internet speed is 1gb/s, i think it's a software problem... Have anyone experienced...
  16. Q

    OBS Crashing. Have a livestream in the morning. PLEASE HELP

    Hi all, OBS keeps crashing on start up and I have no clue what's going on. If anyone has any suggestions - please help. Crash report attached. Time is of the essence. In advance, thank you for any help you can extend my way.
  17. deverin

    OBS crashes when discord is working (stream to youtube with 300s delay)

    Stumbled upon a problem after recent update of windows (only change that happened in the system, before problem accured) I tried it multiple times, attaching 2 obs-crash logs. Could someone help me, to make sense out of them?
  18. S

    Unable To Open OBS After Trying To Download Streamelements

    I've actually had OBS for a while now (a few years), and this is the first time this has happened to me. I decided I was going to transfer from SLOBS to OBS for streaming as my friends said it would be easier on my pc, but when I downloaded "Stream Elements" my OBS hasn't worked. I tried...
  19. F

    OBS Crash

    Hello guys! Can anyone help me whith this crash log? obs used to run correctly, but after some uptades it only crashes... jus don´t know what to do, so please
  20. J

    OBS 27 crashing on transition

    I am assuming this is due to 27 now having some additional functions with internal motion transitions that might be interfering with my programmed previous transitions but I have no idea. Can someone help me out. The moment I transition to a new scene it instantly crashes. Log file at...