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    Question / Help OBS Crashes on Game Start up ( MAC)

    Hi there, I've been using OBS off and on for probably a few years now and there have always been some frustrating bugs like, unable to pick up mic audio or never being able to inject a game capture, but those issues have had some work arounds like downloading audio software or using a screen...
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    Question / Help OBS HAS CRASHED

    OBS HAS CRASHED, when I open OBS these are logs and crash file txt please help :D
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    Question / Help My PC lose Internet conection while im streaming with OBS and Streamlabs OBS.

    Hi guys, first of all, Im sorry but my english is not quite good. Im having this rare problem with OBS. Every time im streaming, when im about 30-40 min ON, my pc just lose internet conection BUT i have WIFI conection, my another pc have internet, my mobile phone has internet....so its crashed...
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    Question / Help obs: symbol lookup error: obs: undefined symbol: obs_encoder_get_defaults

    I'm trying to install on Mint 19 cinnnamon from the official PPA. Mint has a version in the software center that I've used just fine before, but it's outdated and I want to be able to update with the official PPA. I've got the PPA installed but when I attempt to run I get this error. obs...
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    Bug Report OBS CRASHES!!! When the game main screen closes. HELP PLEASE!!! Developerss!! T-T

    Hi, im trying to stream League Of Legends, I play on a Mac. While im streaming the game client it's everything awesome, as soon as the game main screen open ( that I have to record using the Syphon Inject because Obs don't recognize the game main screen ) when I Command + Tab it crashes, or when...
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    Question / Help Woops, OBS has crashed!

    Hi, every TIME I open obs (22.01) its says Woops, OBS has crashed!. Right when I click on to obs it gives me that popup. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still does not work. Please help.
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    Question / Help OBS crashing upon streaming/recording

    Hey, I've been having an issue for the past few weeks where my OBS is crashing whenever I start streaming or recording. Any help would be appreciated. I attached the crash log.
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    Bug Report Obs crash on Startup...

    Please somebody help me out here xD.. What is the issue?
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    Bug Report Woops, OBS has Crashed!

    My crash is; Fault address: 7FFCE3D10819 (c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\igdlh64.inf_amd64_250db833a1cd577e\igdrclneo64.dll) How Can İ fix it ? thanks.
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    Question / Help OBS crashes as soon as I click "start streaming"

    I've spent most of the day trying to figure this out, apologies if I missed something obvious. I had OBS working fine on my old HDD, I recently changed to a SSD with a new genuine copy of windows 10 and now it crashes if I try to stream or record. I've checked drivers, uninstalled OBS...
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    Question / Help Error: Whoops obs has crashed

    When I try to stream it says that obs has crashed, I have tried uninstalling obs then installing again, I also tried to run it as administrator and compatibility mode for windows 7 and windows 8. Nothing has worked, it would be great if someone could help me Here are the logs...
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    Question / Help obs crash when i use nvidia encoder

    pls help
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    Question / Help "Whoops! OBS has Crashed" When I click start streaming or start recording

    So recently I updated my rx580 drivers and after they were finished, i go onto obs to start up my stream, and i get the error message, "Whoops! OBS has crashed" when i click start streaming. I don't know what to do now because my obs is updated and my gpu drivers are updated and that is what all...
  15. toastybros

    Question / Help OBS Crash when Changing Scene Collection

    Recently encountered an issue where scene selection causes instant crashes, even after troubleshooting and downloading the websocket update, I attached the crash log -Matt
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    Question / Help OBS "Crashes" shortly after launching application

    Was wondering if anyone here could help me trouble shoot this issue that I am currently having. When launching OBS, if i wait around roughly a minute, I will get the "whoops! OBS has crashed" message, but the application doesn't actually crash and still seems to work just fine, but if i...
  17. Douzesse

    Question / Help Unhandled exception: c0000005, OBS crashes

    I just had my laptop fixed, exchanged the harddisk. Now im trying to setup the laptop new and got a crashreport from OBS when I try to open a second streamapplication called: WG CastAmp from Wegamers. It worked perfectly before Can someone help please?
  18. madcowtv

    Question / Help OBS crashes pc

    Ok there is a conflict with obs and bf4 not sure which is to blame but from my experience as a child the smaller one is usually the trouble maker ..Is there others having the same problem.. OBS 21.1.2 (64bit, windows) log file uploaded at 2018-06-18, 23:45:07 23:24:55.824: CPU Name...
  19. laidbackmarco

    Bug Report OBS Won't Launch at all

    Hello my name is Mauricio I Have been using OBS for over five years now with not one problem until perhaps the latest windows update, now I can't even get it to start. I don't think there is even a crash log because it doesn't even reach that part. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Question / Help Dropping FPS in OBS.

    Hello, I searched across the forums, different communities, and everywhere else i can think of. Recently i been having issues for my FPS in OBS Dropping to 10 when normally streaming at 60 FPS no Problem. I went through changed setting, updated drivers, changed game settings, etc. I don't...