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    Question / Help OBS Crashing all 6-10 Min

    Hello, since a couple of days i got the problem that my OBS crashing all few minutes :( error log says: 14:30:45.502: error: EncodePicture failed!: generic error (20) 14:30:45.502: [NVENC encoder: 'streaming_h264'] nvenc_encode: Error encoding: Unknown error occurred 14:30:45.605: Error...
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    Bug Report Crashed 5 times in 1 stream today.

    I have had OBS crash on me before. But this was incredibly bad. Wondering if someone can make sense of this for me. Thanks. Here is the last crash report straight from OBS: https://hastebin.com/ehetiqejiw I attached some of the others from today. My PC seemed fine. I was streaming...
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    Question / Help Win 10 21.1.0 keeps crashing

    I have been streaming for a good while now and have just recently this week started to get crashes. The same crash has been happening I did a fresh install of win10 today to see if that would fix the problem and it didnt. Attached are the crashes and logs from today
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    Question / Help Stream chrashes after 5 minutes

    Hey I'm streaming with OBS on Twitch Creative with a Macbook End 2013. I had no issues for about a year now but after restarting the stream after a month the Stream crashes every time. I didn't changed anything except of a software update (macOS Sierra 10.12.6). I used OBS 16.2 but it started...
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    Question / Help Crash and no file!! Huge work loss

    Hello everyone. Sorry I don't post a log, but there isn't any. I'm using OBS Studio to capture via hardware (ElGato), and it's been working flawlessly except for two times. (It's a rig exclusively used to record. System load never exceeds 50% either in the CPU or graphics card). First incident...