Crash while streaming wasn't OBS fault- it was Qualcomm Ethernet fault


FYI, I had set up a new computer for OBS and had done basic testing and thought it was OK.
At my home I didn't think I could test streaming because my consumer internet connection
would not allow connecting to via rtmp. (turns out I set up an RTMP server on my network
with a Raspberry Pi and now I can test streaming) But anyway I took this machine
to a shoot and it was crashing blue screen. Blue screen meant to me there were Windows crash
logs. There are utilites that give you some information on crash logs, and with that it was pointing
to a driver for the Qualcom ethernet hardware. Doing some web searching turned up another
person reporting OBS crashing with the same Ethernet hardware on the motherboard.
There was no fix offered by Qualcomm.

I plan to disable the onboard PHY and use a PCIE board. I wanted to use
intel, but the older PCIE single phys doesn't appear to be supported on Win10.
So I'll probably be using a cheap but current offbrand that has a lot of adoption.
If that fails I'll look harder for an Intel single phy supported by Win10 or go to a server
level PHY as those appear to be supported for longer.
(I'm a little confused here on the Intel support in Windows 10... I think I managed to
have a PCI Pro 100 work in one of the Windows 10 PCs and am not sure how that happened)