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    Stream Crash Problems

    Hey everyone, I've read and seen so many stream crash problems but no matter what I do or what streaming platform I use, my stream crashes. I don't know what to do, and I know this forum is the best for tech help. I'm going to attach my recent logs, and crash logs. My stream could crash anywhere...
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    Stream crashes "An encoder error has occurred while streaming", can anyone help?

    Hello, I just got a new pc (cpu and gpu), I installed OBS and trying to stream, but after a bit of gaming, even after 30secs, stream crashes and error says "An encoder error has occurred while streaming". I have a lot of "Frames missed due to rendering lag" and "Skipped frames due to encoding...
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    Stream Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnetin

    So my stream disconnects and reconnects and this happens every five-thirty minute sometimes at the beginning of stream. I changed my output settings, I even bought something for ethernet and all but it didn't work, at first I assumed it was because of my hardware not being up to par but then I...
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    Crash while streaming wasn't OBS fault- it was Qualcomm Ethernet fault

    FYI, I had set up a new computer for OBS and had done basic testing and thought it was OK. At my home I didn't think I could test streaming because my consumer internet connection would not allow connecting to via rtmp. (turns out I set up an RTMP server on my network with a Raspberry Pi and now...
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    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and freezing

    Hi, I'm having the "drops to 0 kbps and freezes" issue that some other people have been dealing with. I've read a lot of threads about this, but it seems to have a lot of different causes and solutions. The issue is incredibly inconsistent for me, but it seems to be related to either Windows...
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    Losing frames while launching a game

    Hi y'all! There's not much to say, but whenever I launch a game while streaming I'm losing frames and my stream crashes. This happens with any game I launch. OBS works fine while live when I don't launch a game. This started on Wednesday. What I did to fix the problem: re-installed OBS...
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    NVENC Error, Stream stops randomly. An encoding error occurred while streaming.

    Hello there, Recently after getting rtx3090 i have moved to NVENC encoder for my streaming tasks. Everything seems smooth and fine except one thing. Sometimes, my stream suddenly crashes and I am getting an OBS error: " An encoding error occurred while streaming " Is anyone has any ideas how to...
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    Stream lag on high-end pc

    Hi! I created an account for this reason only, I started streaming on twitch about a month ago. I started streaming IDV but when I try to stream other games the stream lags and ends. I followed a few guides on how to fix it, now I can start the games but it lags a lot. My game doesn't lag at...
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    AMD H264 Encoder overloading while mid stream! Please help!

    Stream crashes while using Amd's encoder on obs 30-60 minutes into the stream whereas while using x264 I haven't faced any problems with the encoder overloading. But while using H264 even if i follow the prescribed procedures to reduce output res and frame values it still crashes while streaming...
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    Question / Help I can't figure out why OBS keeps crashing after the latest update!

    I just can't figure out why OBS keeps crashing after the latest update! Attached is the latest Crash Report and Log File. In the Log analysis there is a warning that says "High Audio Buffering". No clue what that means.
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    Question / Help Weired Upload behavior

    I'm having Problems with streaming to Twitch. Everytime i stream my Upload is fine for a while, and at some Point it Just Drops to 0 for aproximately 10 Seconds. When the Upload is Back it jumps Back to the Upload Speed it's supposed to have. The weired Thing about this is that im not getting...
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    cuando entro en la sección de transmisión no puedo personalizar el modo de transmisión, no puedo ingresar la contraseña y tampoco poner la URL

    Question / Help Stream Crashing mid stream

    Hello everyone, I've had a problem with streaming on OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). This has been an issue since my start of streaming in May of 2019. When I stream or play a game on my PC it will run fine without no lag or any issues. Then suddenly crash, no hint towards a crash...
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    Question / Help Stream not resuming on same video link

    Hi, I stream on youtube using the latest version of OBS. At times my internet connection disconnects for 1 min. And when stream resumes it is creating a new video file on youtube instead of continuing on the old one. Are there any settings related to this?
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    Question / Help Updated OBS and My Streams Goes From 0KBPS Back To Normal Consistently.

    i recently updated to the recent OBS studio, since then i have done my first stream and i was unable to stream due to my stream going from 0kbps back to my normal set 2900kbps. It kept doing this over and over again to where i had to end the stream three times. Im not quite tech savvy so i...
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    Question / Help OBS Just stopped Streaming...

    Like i already said Obs just did stop streaming with no real indication why. Can someone explain me the log? Log right b4 shutting down: 16:57:28.332: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'Track1'] bitrate: 192, channels: 2, channel_layout: 3 16:57:28.332: 16:57:28.335: Output 'adv_stream': 10 second delay...