NVENC Error, Stream stops randomly. An encoding error occurred while streaming.


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Hello there,
Recently after getting rtx3090 i have moved to NVENC encoder for my streaming tasks. Everything seems smooth and fine except one thing. Sometimes, my stream suddenly crashes and I am getting an OBS error:
An encoding error occurred while streaming
Is anyone has any ideas how to fix or avoid that bug?

Some more facts about the accident:
1. During that crash my second monitor (i have two, both 144 hz, 1080p & 1440p) turning off completly for some reason. While the main one is going dark for a second but coming back alive itself.
2. I have noticed that i am getting that error only when i am watching a video in my browser, using the "screen capture" of my main monitor.
3. After that happen i have to atleast restart both OBS and second monitor to stream again.
4. Scene has only "Webcam" and "Screen capture" and three "alert browser widgets" sources on it. Ain't much, almost clean.
5. Error may occure after 60 minutes of streaming or even after 10. Seems like its happening randomly.
6. Seems like switching the encoder to x264 helps, but is there any other chance to avoid it with NVENC?

One of the Log files after the crash:

Best regards, Kiryl N.


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This is a GPU driver crash (your monitors going black) and restoration. This isn't something OBS is causing, but simply triggering an existing, underlying problem.

Recommend doing a Safe Mode DDU uninstall of the GPU drivers, and then a clean-install of the latest package. Also, make sure that your motherboard BIOS and drivers are up-to-date.