Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and freezing


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I'm having the "drops to 0 kbps and freezes" issue that some other people have been dealing with. I've read a lot of threads about this, but it seems to have a lot of different causes and solutions. The issue is incredibly inconsistent for me, but it seems to be related to either Windows and/or NVIDIA drivers, because I streamed on my MacBook Pro until a few months ago and never had this issue.

Overview for people who are not familiar: The stream will drop to 0 kb/s, but the status icon will remain green. The stream will remain "live" on OBS's end, but it will be offline on the front end. For me, I can still access menus and check my log during this time; it's only when I try to stop the stream or change anything that OBS freezes and has to be force-quit.

I don't stream very often, but after a few months of this, I decided to run OBS on a clean Windows install on a different machine (which also has a 1050 Ti graphics card). I only installed Firefox, OBS, Steam, and a few games. I streamed an intensive game while I took my dog on a walk earlier today, and came back to the stream being frozen. I will include a screenshot and log from that stream. The screenshot shows that over 15 minutes have elapsed since the last log message. I let the test stream remain frozen for about 15 more minutes and saw no change. I finally clicked "stop streaming" and that's when OBS froze.

Some people have obvious errors in their log files, like the FD_CLOSE message, but my log files never show anything. Sometimes the bitrate history is a bit iffy (like here), sometimes it's been stable around 4000-6000 Kbps the whole time, but then the log just cuts off.

I can't exactly use the scientific method here and change variables one by one (turning off dynamic bitrate, changing my encoder, fiddling with other settings, etc.) because the issue is too inconsistent. I can stream intensive games for 6-8 hours with no issue, or OBS can crash 10-20 minutes into a stream. Sometimes it only happens once and sometimes it happens several times during a short streaming session. I reset my test stream (same intensive game, same background programs, same everything) and have had no problems for the past hour and a half.

This inconsistent behaviour makes me think that my internet could be the culprit, because I know that streams are sensitive to any kind of connection instability, but I streamed on a worse internet connection for a while and still never encountered this issue on macOS. I've seen some people point to dynamic bitrate creating reconnect issues, but I didn't have this problem on macOS either. Any ideas? It's hard to know what to test out when something could "appear" to work just because the problem doesn't occur every single stream.

Thanks for any help!


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Do you know why this issue sometimes occurs with dynamic bitrate? I didn't have this issue on macOS and have friends who use dynamic bitrate on Windows (with different hardware) without ever having this problem.

I think the stutter from dropped frames makes for a much worse viewing experience, so I guess that I'll have to deal with the unpredictable stream drops until I get a different setup.


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For me, this issue happens when using 2 track audio and dynamic bitrate at the same time. Dynamic bitrate is important for me so I disabled 2 track audio and it resolved the issue.


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For me, this issue happens when using 2 track audio and dynamic bitrate at the same time. Dynamic bitrate is important for me so I disabled 2 track audio and it resolved the issue.
Oh, strange. I'm only using one track so my problem must be different. I'm not sure how recent your issue was, but I know there was an issue with using track 2 in particular that got resolved with OBS 25. I came across this thread in my search:

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I have this problem just streaming to a PC on the same giga network. And dynamic bitrate is OFF. I'm streaming to my RTMP server and just going to between two hardwire connected PCs, OBS can't maintain the stream. Every few seconds at random times, the indicator goes orange and back to green. Every few minutes, it goes red and stops streaming. There is no gaming going on and the network has just a couple of PCs, most of which are not even powered up. I don't understand this.. is an RTX3090 not powerful enough to maintain a 2500kbs rate?