0 kbps

  1. Z

    OBS Studio crashes every 10/15 minutes and goes to 0 kbps even if the square remains green

    PC Specs: i5 9600KF Gigabyte 1660s Gigabyte B360 Gaming 16GB DDR4 3200 Mhz GIGABYTE SSD 480GB 1TB HD PSU - 650W Windows 10 I use Ethernet cable I have tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling OBS Contacted my internet provider to see if there were any problems Decrease kbps Decrease resolution...
  2. G

    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and freezing

    Hi, I'm having the "drops to 0 kbps and freezes" issue that some other people have been dealing with. I've read a lot of threads about this, but it seems to have a lot of different causes and solutions. The issue is incredibly inconsistent for me, but it seems to be related to either Windows...
  3. D

    Dropping Bitrate to 0 kbps

    Hello, I'm encountering a problem with my live transimssions, where randomly OBS drop to 0 kbps upload bitrate and disconnecting from Twitch. I used different PCs and provider but i get the same issue and sometimes the streaming start even to drop frames (nearly 60%). I made also different test...
  4. K

    OBS keeps dropping to 0 kb/s out of nowhere

    Over the past couple days, I've tried to stream and every 20-30 minutes or so, OBS suddenly drops to 0 kb/s, my Discord broadcast ends with it saying 'Stream Paused', my voice connection fails, and Twitch shows my bitrate has completely tanked. This has happened both days I've tried to stream...
  5. Andreas_W

    Encoder drops to 0 kb/s when streaming (But recording as crystal clear)

    Video displaying the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZcC_D3_FKY Link to a long blog post where I troubleshoot my upload connection and look for packet losses, all sorts of things: https://chromatic.se/2020/12/troubleshooting-obs-studio-for-os-x/ I made a super simple scene with a...