Stream Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnetin


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So my stream disconnects and reconnects and this happens every five-thirty minute sometimes at the beginning of stream. I changed my output settings, I even bought something for ethernet and all but it didn't work, at first I assumed it was because of my hardware not being up to par but then I used the auto configuration tool and changed some more settings but it didn't work I just prevented my stream from lagging in the future. When I'm live it's solid green for a couple of minutes and then it starts flashing yellow and green and once it does that it crashed one-ten minutes later (My average download speed is 45 when streaming and 60mbs when I'm not and my average upload speed is around 45 while stream and 55-60 when I'm not my bitrate is set to 2500)


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Please use this app to test your internet connection against Twitch servers:
Anything bellow 90 quality is bad and most probably an issue on your ISP.
Change the position where the cable connects to the modem. Some times one of the connectors or the internal electronics have issues and may cause problems like this.

Unless you need to record localy several audio channels for later edition, use simple output mode. The best way and to get the best results is using the Auto Configuration Wizard (tools menu) and apply the recommended settings, then restart OBS (yes, restart it) and test as is.
Keep the FPS at 30 or 60.