1. T

    OBS Ethernet Issues

    Hey guys, so I just began streaming over the summer and got my PC a few months ago, but whenever I plugged my Ethernet cable into my PC my stream would constantly disconnect and then reconnect every few minutes. So I’ve been streaming wirelessly. I reached out to a friend of mine today and we...
  2. H

    Big network issue

    Hello guys, I have a big issue with OBS, please someone can help me . When i'm live , during streams, could be 2 minutes in or 2 hours, OBS causes my ethernet internet stop working suddendly. This crash happens only when i'm in stream, i don't know what do it. In attach , my network ethernet...
  3. W

    Ethernet Crash while streaming with OBS-NDI

    Hello OBS Community, I already know that there is many threads talking about that but i am unable to find a solution for this. I am using OBS-NDI to connect my gaming PC and my streaming PC, both computers are connected to my router using CAT 7 ethernet cable. When i am starting my stream after...
  4. A

    Question / Help Ethernet connection as a source

    Hi there, I want to stream a live video from my Sony PWX-X70 camcorder to OBS on my mac and live stream the footage from there to Youtube. The camcorder has an ethernet port and so I connected it to my mac using a CAT-7 ethernet cable. However, neither OBS nor any other software (like VLC)...
  5. S

    Question / Help Laptop Wireless vs. Ethernet

    Hello. I use NDI between 2x PCs to stream (PCs are wired via switch/router, switch/router is wired to modem) GamingPC outputs to Laptop via NDI okay (OBS captures Gaming PC fine). Streaming from Laptop via wireless is fine. OBS fails to stream via ethernet (wireless adapter is disabled)* *Bind...
  6. sleeplost

    Question / Help Wired Connection worse than WiFi — seeking major help. (Solved!)

    To state the problem early: When streaming using OBS and my Ethernet cable connected, the maximum bitrate I hit is 200, and consistently drops to 0 — on the other hand, via Wi-Fi, I can hit my usual 4000-5000 very easily. It's important to note that the 'Bind to IP' setting is already set to...