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I use NDI between 2x PCs to stream (PCs are wired via switch/router, switch/router is wired to modem)
GamingPC outputs to Laptop via NDI okay (OBS captures Gaming PC fine).
Streaming from Laptop via wireless is fine.

OBS fails to stream via ethernet (wireless adapter is disabled)*
*Bind to IP makes no difference

I hope this is clear enough - is there something else I'm missing?


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I can't tell from the log which connection OBS is trying to use to stream with, but I can tell that it cannot maintain your bitrate of 6150 to restream:

17:20:37.467: Output 'simple_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 1854 (65.7%)

It's not even close, as it's dropping more than half the frames. Either it is using the wireless, or it isn't and the wired connection is saturated with the NDI traffic (how fast is the ethernet interface? Is it perhaps an old 100Mbps switch or hub?)


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Appreciate the response..

Everything works fine after removal of all Killer software (network controller software - Performance Suite/Control Centre).