OBS frequent crashes after last updates


It was ok for several years till the next updates. OBS started to disconnect, crashes, after crashes I can't launch 2 instances of OBS, some error showes I have some error with Nvidia Nvenc and should to shut some programs down.
So If OBS has crashed - sometimes it's not impossible to launch 2 instances (for multi-streaming). I use 2 PC setup.
Streaming PC:
Win 10
Nvidia 1070
64 GB Ram

1 instance of OBS uses Nvenc, 2n uses CPU encoding

There are some recent logs:

I've tried to use "OBS log analyzation" bit it says only like "oh no, you have launched 2 instances, that's impossible, shut it down and also your sound is 44k Hz but OBS uses 48k"
I used those settings for years, no encoding lags, missed frames... OBS just started to crash... And if I want to use it again and start stream without problems in 90% of cases I have to reboot the streaming PC.
Who knows, WTF is this?


I'm starting to losing my nuts.
Can't find out why OBS crashes so much after v26+.

There are new log and crash logs... 2 crashes for the single streaming evening:

It's annoying when it crashed when I play at flat-screen mode... but people, when I stream in VR it's a disaster, I can't even see that... it could take a lot of time for me to remember again to check how my OBS lives there.


guys, WTF? Does nobody have such problems with fucking crashes? It's really annoying, almost every stream I got multiple crashes. Nobody can help? OBS just from the awesome application has become a piece of trash


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I can't comment direct, as my crashes, and most I've read on this board, are a result of plugins, not clean OBS
There have been numerous recent discussions of plug-ins that need updates to work with latest OBS (I'm sticking with OBS v25.0.8 for now as I don't need new features)
Basic troubleshooting would dictate remove all plug-ins, then add slowly until you identify a problem. Then realize last plug-in may NOT be the problem, but rather an interaction with a previously re-installed/activated plug-in.

As for audio sample rates... LOTS of comments in this forum by knowledgeable people as to why mixing audio sample rates might be a problem. And strong recommendation is simple... have one sample rate. period. ymmv if you choose to ignore that (though implication usually mentioned is varying/uneven audio delay rates causing sync issues, not a crash but depends on your setup)