1. P

    Will NDI plugin reroute my music over the Twitch VOD audio channel?

    Hello, I tried to make my title as precise as I could, but I am better off explaining it here. So I recently discovered the NDI plugin, and I have tried it on my last two streams. I seems to be working perfectly except one thing.. On my gaming PC I have managed to route my copyrighted music...
  2. O

    NDI source input with use Magewell ProConvert Decoder

    I use ProConvert Decoder from Camera ti Aten mini. If In want to use the same Camera as NDI source in OBS Studio, on Dashbord shows only the name of source, not the signal (picture). Where od problem? Št Magewell, Network configuration, or OBS Studio? Many thanks for help! Boris.
  3. koizilla

    Audio activity in meter and monitors, but stream and recording are silent

    Running OBS 27.1.3, the audio works as expected in the Audio Mixer pane and through the monitor. There is no audio, however, in recordings or output to my Twitch livestream. The only audio source I'm trying to stream or record is set to Track 1 in: Advanced Audio Properties Settings > Output...
  4. nytla

    NDI Dual PC Setup, Streaming PC dropping frames and idles over 80%

    Hello! I've been trying to find the solution to my issue everywhere and I keep dishing out more and more money thinking my problems would be fixed, but sadly that's not the case... So, recently I purchased a secondary pc to take my streaming to the next level and upgrade my production quality...
  5. U

    NDI Packet Loss / 300 ping

    Hey there everyone! got a bit of a problem here and currently I am unable to figure out what is wrong! I have two PC connected to an Ethernet switch with cat 8 cables and then a cat 6 cable going all the way to my router. Also to mention I live in Canada and currently have internet with a...
  6. WattsBros

    Stutter in my game (from screen capture and ndi source)

    I have major trouble with stuttering when there is an important amount of animations happening in the game, both with the the streaming pc and the gaming pc (I stream this game with my brother and I switch screens to show both perspectives) When I stream just chatting with my webcam or watching...
  7. W

    FPS Drops in Recording

    Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs: Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main...
  8. Esh

    OBS crashes on receiving PC when NDI Source selected!

    Everything was working fine but recently I installed VoiceMeeter and connected my both pc with VBAN, since then OBS crashes within couple of seconds as soon as I select NDI Source Scene on my secondary/receiving pc!! Host PC working fine!!
  9. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  10. sammieko

    NDI HX capture || help settings

    Helloo fellasss i need some help with my NDI screen capture. I’ve recently purchased this application: And i have to say it works Great in compare with every other app i tryed. got only one question now. Does someone knows how to lower the resolution and ive possible maybe the fps. Like when...
  11. Anton Nemtsev

    NDI Video not working on OBS 26.1.2 on Big Sur 11.3.1 on MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)

    Hi, I am trying to setup NDI Video on: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019, Intel i7) Mac OS X 11.3.1 Big Sur OBS 26.1.2 NDI tools installed https://ndi.tv/tools/ ndi-runtime 4.5.1 installed. obs-ndi 4.9 installed. But still a black screen. On iPhone (viedeo source) I am using...
  12. K

    NDI Audio Input Feed

    Hello, This is my first posting here. Please forgive if this has been asked before but I cannot find an answer for it anywhere. I do not have a log file at this time as I am currently not on the streaming OBS computer which is at the venue. I am running the latest version of OBS and have...
  13. H

    Can't detect NDI feed

    Windows 10 Core i9, 64GB RAM, SSD, 10G network (ubiquiti) I have 2 PCs on the same VLAN. PC1 is ingesting an NDI Sony camera into ProPresenter7. Pro7 sends an NDI feed out via NDI (video with lower thirds lyrics). PC2 is able to see both the Sony NDI feed and the ProPresenter 7 feed via NewTek...
  14. StreamPanel

    Apple Silicon M1 (in new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) is not "blazing fast" in OBS

    Apparently, this CPU is "blazing fast" when it comes to many tasks, but for some reason, it just absolutely blows for streaming (even as a dedicated streaming computer). This thing cannot even do 720p60 on fast. Thats pathetic since even my 4790k (which scores like less than half as this CPU)...
  15. C

    NDI Crashing OBS

    So obs without using the ndi source output will not crash but for some reason with the ndi source plugin it crashes randomly after about 5m for no reason, just sitting idle not even streaming. If anyone can understand the crash log please help.
  16. M

    NDI source freezes

    Hi, how to get a stuck cam to get back to business again? Batteri ok, mobile was working, restarted NDI HX Camera app, but the source was frozen in OBS. logfile https://obsproject.com/logs/Fe8sIAX-G570Z94j
  17. W

    NDI Crashing OBS With No Crash Reports

    For our Sunday streams we run a dedicated streaming PC running OBS and Reaper. We also utilize an independent MacBook running Propresenter 7, currently on a connected server we run NDI syphon to push lower thirds into our stream. Recently OBS has been crashing when utilizing a NDI source...
  18. P

    Use NDI with LAN and WiFi (OBS) as Capture Card

    I would like to send my screen on my 2nd PC to my streaming PC over wireless (WiFi), and use LAN for the streaming PC to receive the screen with NDI (as Capture Card). Is there a way to do it? Maybe the image below would be helpful. Thanks!
  19. haddz

    NDI gaming PC Display lagging

    hi, i have not long set up my NDI 2 PC stream set up. I am having issues with lag it stutters the same amount on both PUBG and Warzone (only 2 games tested). i have attached my Gaming PC log from my last stream (4+ Hrs) The NDI source lags and i have also set up NDI- mic and NDI- ALL i Hear...
  20. joelgraff

    Playing movies during livestreams causes major issues

    I'm currently using OBS to broadcast live performances which sometimes require playing movie clips. The performances are both recorded locally and livestreamed. The main system is a Win10 box which takes a external feeds from a PTZ camera and a Presonus mixer. The Win10 system runs...