Will NDI plugin reroute my music over the Twitch VOD audio channel?


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I tried to make my title as precise as I could, but I am better off explaining it here.
So I recently discovered the NDI plugin, and I have tried it on my last two streams. I seems to be working perfectly except one thing..
On my gaming PC I have managed to route my copyrighted music through the twitch VOD audio track ( for me it was the 6 audio track ) and till now everything worked perfectly fine, and my music was not to be heard on the VOD, only in my streams.
The thing is, that since I've started using NDI, I saw that my music is being heard on stream and thus large portions of the VOD are getting muted.

Do I just activate the Twitch VOD audio track ( I will probably use the 6th audio track as well on my encoding pc ) and it works , as it worked on the gaming pc, or do I have to come up with a more complex solution to reroute my music on the VOD and thus Twitch Soundtrack?

Thank you a lot in advance for your help!

PS: I probably explained my problem quite complicated, but I am happy to provide more information!