1. yakoo

    Microphone problem.

    Hi. I`m using beringer audio card and i have problem with my mic. On disable position OBS detecting microphone volume. But on enable position OBS dont detect its. Help pls P.S. My english not good, sorry
  2. AiroKunOmega

    How to record audio separately ?

    Hello, relatively new user here I am trying to play my switch through OBS and play off the audio. I am also trying to record this gameplay, along with a call on another window. Is there a way to record desktop audio without recording OBS itself? I know when you double-record audio it sounds...
  3. S

    OBS Not Recording Microphone Audio

    Hi, I have been streaming for well over a year now using OBS. I got a new USB microphone for Christmas, and it is a good old plug in and use which I have been using for little over a month with no issues. However as I went live yesterday, the audio input for the microphone is REALLY choppy with...
  4. X

    Microphone Audio Cutting Out

    Hey there, I'm having an issue while trying to do local recordings where the audio from my microphone (and only the audio from the microphone) will randomly drop out in very short pieces. When I put the file into Premiere, I can see the audio dropping out for a frame to a few frames at a time...
  5. K

    OBS asking to upgrade NVIDIA Video & Audio SDK when I have an AMD Graphics Card

    So I recently swapped out my old GTX 1050 TI for an RX 580, and before I updated my OBS to version 29 noise suppression was working perfectly fine. I was using RNNoise for my noise suppression and even if I pick Speex it still says "Warning: Please upgrade both NVIDIA Video& Audio SDK. Your...
  6. A

    No desktop audio

    I have been able to make it so that I can select 1 monitor to pick up the audio so that I can listen to music but OBS will not record it (only will pick up what is coming from that 1 monitor). However, I have moved my PC since then and now it will not record desktop audio. I have not changed any...
  7. K

    Help w/ OBD/Spotify/Microphone

    Hello! I am spending hours on YouTube and can’t figure this out. I am a live streamer, I want to stream music from Spotify. But I also want to listen to the music and not have to turn it down, and I don’t want to listen with headphones. Is there a way to play the music or is my mic always going...
  8. diamondpumpkin

    OBS breaks microphone audio seemingly at random

    I have a HyperX Quadcast microphone and its worked great with obs up until I got a 4k monitor and started recording in 4k. My microphone's audio stays fine until some point into recording with OBS. It will break and be completely unintelligible for any program. I've looked up similar issues and...
  9. flixy

    Mono microphone outputting stereo?

    Hi I am very new to audio stuff and obs in general but I wanted to change my USB microphone recording so that it was louder on the left side. However, when I went into the advanced audio properties tab I found that the L-R adjustment for my mic was locked. I can't do anything to get it unlocked...
  10. 8

    How to configure two separate microphone sources with one usb audio interface?

    Hi folks, I have a behringer 404 hd, a podmic (on Channel 1) and a beyerdynamic headset (on Channel 3). How can I configure OBS to use two different micro inputs? System: Manjaro Linux with pipewire PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.56) Server Version: 15.0.0 Default Sample Specification: float32le...
  11. S

    Same Mic + Same settings + Same OBS version + different PC = different sound due to RNN noise reduction?

    Hello. I recently bought a new pc. I have installed the exact same OBS version I had on my previous laptop, same settings, same mic filters, same mic volume, same USB mic (rode nt mini). How the F is it possible that it does not sound the same? Specifically, the RNN filter cuts off my first...
  12. R

    OBS Microphone Sound cuts out after a few seconds

    Hi there! I have a problem with my Microphone only in OBS (Discord or other things work perfectly fine) The sound cuts out after a few seconds. You can see it in the Video i posted. (Link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEkpCNVJ90A&ab_channel=ReTape The Microphone is connected via Auxilary...
  13. W

    Microphone sensitivity control

    Greetings to all of you guys :) I'm here for advice. My microphone is disgustingly sensitive!!! What filter to add in OBS and how to set it, if necessary, so that the clicking of the mechanical keyboard and similar sounds are not heard? Thank you PS: At first I thought it would be "Noise Gate"...
  14. L

    Multiple Audio Problem

    Hello! I went through all the steps to enable multiple audio tracks (I want to record screen sharing audio and microphone audio separately). My two sources show up just fine and both show activity in Audio Mixer. As is recommended, I labeled them as separate Tracks (Microphone is Track 1 and...
  15. A

    Microphone audio randomly desyncs from everything else on stream?

    Hello everyone, I've been recently having an issue where my microphone audio is randomly getting desynced from everything else on stream. Like my gameplay footage, my webcam, and my desktop audio when I'm in a discord call. I have tried: Setting all audio devices and OBS to be 48HZ disabling...
  16. P

    Microphone Audio Issue

    I just purchased the Logitch G X Pro Wired headset. After plugging it in and updating everything, OBS was picking up my desktop audio properly, but for my microphone audio it picked up my mic AND the desktop audio… never used a headset with a mic built in like this for OBS how do i resolve this?
  17. S

    Setting using headset and USB mic

    Hello, I want to setup my streaming setup where I can use my headset to talk ingame with people and be able to mute and unmute etc but I would like my USB mic to be used for my stream.
  18. A

    2 questions on USB Mircrophone(s)

    Which USB Microphone(s) do you recommend for an interview set up for three people sitting at a table? Is there any limitation with adding more than one USB Microphone on a MacBook Pro 13-inch late 2018? Thanks!
  19. A

    Noise suppression without filters

    So I'm having a problem where OBS is suppressing my mic audio when I'm too loud, but I don't have any filters on it. I was fine with it at first because I get how loud audio can be annoying but I've changed my mind. I would rather people hear me regardless of my volume instead of getting...
  20. C

    New User looking for help setting up audio

    Hi guys, I'm very new to recording / streaming. I am using the microphone auna MIC-900B with physical pop filters with following OBS filters: Gain (7,7 db) Noise Suppression (RNNoise) Limiter (-6 DB) Noise Gate (-32db / -26 db) Compressor (ratio 10:1 / Threshold -18 db / Attack 6 ms / Release...