How to record audio separately ?


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Hello, relatively new user here

I am trying to play my switch through OBS and play off the audio. I am also trying to record this gameplay, along with a call on another window. Is there a way to record desktop audio without recording OBS itself? I know when you double-record audio it sounds off, so that is why I can't double record. I don't think logs are necessary here as this is not a bug description. Thanks for the help.


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Every thing that generates or receives audio on your computer is played back on some Windows playback audio device or is recorded by some Windows recording audio device. You can capture these devices separately and control which of them is recorded by OBS or not in Advanced Audio properties.
Usually, you define these devices in Settings->Audio->Global Audio devices.
It's also possible to directly capture an app. For this, you need to add a "Application Audio Capture" source.

The first step to not capture everything is to disable recording your desktop audio device. This is usually mixed from every source and cannot be unmixed. Instead, define and directly capture the sources you do want to capture.

I don't know how you capture your Switch, but if you use a capture device, then this capture device also creates an audio source you are able to control and capture separately.