Mono microphone outputting stereo?


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Hi I am very new to audio stuff and obs in general but I wanted to change my USB microphone recording so that it was louder on the left side. However, when I went into the advanced audio properties tab I found that the L-R adjustment for my mic was locked. I can't do anything to get it unlocked and I also saw that my microphone only has 1 channel in my sound settings. What is confusing to me is that my OBS recordings with my mic always outputs into both the left and right side, not mono, which I thought it would be.


Also in OBS, my audio input capture (mic) only has 1 bar:

whereas in most tutorials I searched up on how to fix this issue have 2 bars with one of them not picking up sound, example:

This is my microphone:
I am running on Windows 10 with the newest version of OBS installed.

I really just want to be able to slide/control how loud my mic is on the right side; any help would be appreciated!