OBS Not Recording Microphone Audio


New Member
Hi, I have been streaming for well over a year now using OBS. I got a new USB microphone for Christmas, and it is a good old plug in and use which I have been using for little over a month with no issues. However as I went live yesterday, the audio input for the microphone is REALLY choppy with my viewers saying I sounded like a robot. This morning, when I use the audio monitoring, it sounds like it is coming through fine, but when I go to record to do a playback, I get this robotic voice, which is hardly capturing any audio. I use an iMac M1, and have tried troubleshooting for hours, but have no idea what is causing this. When I try to record with my iMac built in microphone, it is picking it up no problem. However, there is no problem with the microphone, as I have tested this in a separate programme. I am at an utter loss and have no idea what else to do. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.