1. Yrfan

    Question / Help Quick sync doesn't work anymore ?!

    Hi everyone, well, 1 or 2 weeks ago, I could encode my stream with quick sync, and now when I choose this option, OBS shuts down without any error message... Here are the logs ! Thx for trying to help me ^^' My config : OS: Microsoft Windows 10...
  2. S

    Question / Help OBS Will Not Finalize Videos

    Hello OBS Users, I recently encountered an issue that has been very annoying to deal with and usually ends in my footage not finalizing. I started doing long recording sessions (1+ hours) and I have found that after I try to stop recording, the button just says "stopping recording" and seems to...
  3. P

    Question / Help Unable to write - I don't know why

    So I opened up obs and this error message popped up: "Unable to write to C:/Users/jonph/Videos/Sounds2018-12-1721-36-30.mp4. Make sure you're using a recording path which your user account is allowed to write to and that there is sufficient disk space." I don't know why this is a problem as I...
  4. drakgoku1


    I have formatted my computer and it gives me this error. Before saying that it is incompatible to review this post;) Solved, I went to 21.1.2, this is luxury.
  5. P

    Question / Help Setting up OBS 64 bit for the first time, ran into this error, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello Everyone We are setting up a computer with OBS studio 64 bit on it, the computer is a dell vostro 200 with 4gb ram in it. I have downloaded directX and see no apparent issues in the DXDiag settings. I am sure this is something I am missing or possibly the computer is just "too old" for...
  6. S

    Question / Help Can´t start recording and streaming. Error

    Hi, if I wanted to start streaming, I got a message like this. "Output start failed. Please check the logs." But I have no idea what to do. Here my log. Can you help me? BR Smike
  7. T

    Question / Help obs nao instala

    ola bom dia sou novo aqui e estou com um problema na instalaçao, fica dando mensagem que devo instalar o visual c++ porem ja instalei do 2013 ao 2017 e mesmo assim nao instala fica aparecendo a mesma mensagem
  8. C

    Question / Help Can't record with AMD encoder (Tried everything)

    Hello, As the title says, I can record (A lagged video) if I set my encoder to x264, but if I use H264 or H265, I get the "Whoops, obs has crashed" error. I included a log file and I BEG for help because I can't seem to understand whats going on. Thank you in advance.
  9. B

    Question / Help Black Screen/Out of Range Error

    I am trying to stream from my game console to Twitch. Everything is hooked up properly, and OBS recognizes my capture card (Avermedia LGP Lite GL310). I have the drivers and the stream engine installed. The blue light on my capture card is solid. However, in OBS, I am getting a black screen even...
  10. D

    Question / Help OBS Error undefined symbold ( with Debian-based Build Directions )

    I installed obs manually and not from the repository with the Debian-based Build Directions. After the installation when I tried to start it I got the following error. larslol140@PC:~$ obs obs: symbol lookup error: obs: undefined symbol: obs_set_cmdline_args Is obs not working on Debian...
  11. R

    Question / Help OBS Host not accepting in Android phone

    I download the OBS Remote app on my android phone It installed but opening app the first thing it ask is OBS Host. I entered the IP Address but it is unable to connect. Can any body please help me. Is OBS available in Pakistan?
  12. M

    Question / Help Stinger Transition Inserting Random Scene

    Log File: Video Example: Hello! Thank you for any help/support provided. I am using a stinger transition for the first time and I'm having an odd problem --> As soon as I switch scenes (whether I click on the scene...
  13. MuttMeat

    Question / Help OBS Fails to Record (NVENC)

    I copied over the settings I used for Streamlabs OBS to OBS Studio, but it gives me an error. I tried before and after updating my Geforce driver but to no avail. Log:
  14. F

    Question / Help Quicksync Choppy Stream, but no dropped frames... (TRIED EVERYTHING!)

    So I'm trying to stream A Hat in Time, and basically, it isn't working at all! I'm using Quicksync too, because x264 doesn't work for me at all (LAAAAG!) I've enabled vsync in game,capped fps, changed the resolution in game and OBS, etc. I'm getting no dropped frames too, which is strange. I'll...
  15. F

    Question / Help Cannot stream and record at same time due to error...

    Whenever I'm streaming and try to record, I get this error: "Starting the output failed. Please check log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders make sure your drivers are up to date" Funny thing is, I can't use the NVENC or AMD encoders, so what gives? I was able to...
  16. S

    Question / Help This error happen when i record

    When i try record a video forever show this message! Screenshot of the Error Log obs: im Portuguese-Brazillian
  17. D

    Question / Help Windows 10 error

    How i can install OBS on my laptop? What i need to do to fix that problem?
  18. R

    Question / Help White screen problem

    I wanted to start streaming. Back when i set up OBS, i had another graphics card, but now I've switched to a used GTX 760. Now i only get a white screen on my preview windows, i can start the stream and it shows stuff in twitch, but i cannot edit anything. - I've tried to reinstall the graphics...
  19. T

    Question / Help Can Stream but cannot record

    Hi I am able to stream to Twitch (albeit very poorly due to my internet), but I cannot record locally. I have done a lot of searching and it appears that this is a rare issue. I am running a laptop with a Nvidia Graphics Card. Relevant Log attached.
  20. R

    Question / Help Starting the output failed. Only for Streaming, Recording works fine

    Greetings, Today after finally Updating my OBS and my GPU drivers (that was the last time I swear. don't fix it if it's not broken) I encountered the "Failed to start streaming. Starting the output failed. Please check log for details. Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure...