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Hi, when I try to stream to Twitch, I get this error:
"Failed to connect to server: Hostname found, but no data of the requested type. This can occur if you have bound to an IPv6 address and your streaming service only has IPv4 addresses (see Settings -> Advanced)."
I've done a lot of googling and looked at threads both on and off this site but I wasn't able to find a solution that worked for me yet. Someone in another thread here said it might work to change what Settings->Advanced->Bind to IP to another option, but it's greyed out for me. Changing my streaming region did not work either.
Please help and thanks so much!!!
Log file:


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Twitch does not have any IPv6 ingests. Set your bind to IP back to default. You must turn off all outputs (including virtual camera and NDI etc) to change settings.