OBS Crashing when Closing!


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Hey guys! How have you been.
Here's my problem.
It started after I bought a new Logitech BRIO cam.
Changed my old C920 and start to configure all the scenes and filters and things from almost zero.
I noticed that every time I closed OBS it crashed.
I could be streaming, recording or doing nothing that it just goes, but a second after the shutdown it would crash.
I have already uploaded the log to the Analyzer but the solutions would not help.

This is the Log URL: https://obsproject.com/logs/gTq3qbnQwAZqnTtQ

I have uploaded as files both the newest crash log and the "standard" log.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can lend me a hand.


  • Crash 2021-07-14 14-12-37.txt
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  • 2021-07-14 14-12-42.txt
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