1. K

    Error when running the program

    Good afternoon. I have an error when the program is running. The error appears differently every 1-2 hours. Sometimes it occurs a little later. I attach the files, tell me how to solve the problem
  2. Q

    A lot of crashes and randomly closing itself

    After my last OBS update it started crashing so many times while I'm streaming, It happens either I'm streaming or not, but more often It shows up when the stream is up. And maybe I'm wrong but it seems like a new version of OBS has more CPU usage than my previous one. Here are two of my last...
  3. Quilombo3

    OBS Crashing when Closing!

    Hey guys! How have you been. Here's my problem. It started after I bought a new Logitech BRIO cam. Changed my old C920 and start to configure all the scenes and filters and things from almost zero. I noticed that every time I closed OBS it crashed. I could be streaming, recording or doing...
  4. O

    Display capture disappears if I close OBS

    This happens every time I close the program In a session if I set up a display capture input (cropped manually inside the set up, if that makes any difference) of my built in display it all works lovely. Log of set up session: But once I've...
  5. Y

    When I press "X" on OBS program, it closes rather than going into System Tray

    Please add an option in OBS Settings System Tray to include "Close button will make the program go to System Tray". Every single launcher in existence goes to System Tray when pressed X/Close, but this is the only 'live'/'service' program in existence that fully closes when pressed X, why?
  6. K

    Question / Help OBS Update won't open

    I'd been using OBS for months with no issues, including within the last week or two, then Saturday i finally did the update it kept asking for, and now, it crashes anytime I open it. It'll sort of open, like the window pops up as if it's opening, but then it'll close immedietly before it even...