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    Question / Help Looking to fix my bitrate for dual PC streaming

    Hello guys, I am trying to set up my system for game streaming on dual PC. I connected them via ETHERNET cable. I couldn't find crossover cable, but I found a crossover adapter, which seems to work perfectly. So the connection is stable. But, I have an issue with the PC that I'm running the...
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    Question / Help video card stuttering source

    I have a dual pc setup with an elgato hd60 pro. the video is stuttering when it says its at 60fps and dropping zero frames. My specs: Capture Card: Elgato HD60 Pro CPU: I5 7500 Motherboard: MSI B250M Pro-VD Memory: 8gb Crucial DDR4 Ram https://obsproject.com/logs/KO94dn9rVOWCU4BH
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    Question / Help NDI plugin on streaming PC showing black screen

    Hey guys, Been looking all over for this one and none of the fixes have worked. I have a dual PC setup using the NDI plugin and while the streaming PC sees the NDI sources of the gaming pc, its just a black screen no matter what I do, all versions are the same. Help?
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    Question / Help [GER] Dual PC Stream - Settings

    Hey liebes OBS - Forum, ich möchte ein kleines Problem melden. Ich habe derzeit ein Dual PC - System konfiguriert zum Streamen. Bevor ich es weiter Erläuter einmal meine PC - Specs: Gaming PC: CPU: Ryzen 1700 - 3,85GHz GPU: Gainward Pheonix 1080Ti (OC) MB: Asus Pro X470 RAM: 16GB @3200MHz...
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    Question / Help Windows gaming PC won't connect to Linux streaming PC with NGINX

    -Stream pc is connected to internet only through lan connection to gaming pc. I tested that and the internet works -Stream pc has nginx server up and running (the welcome to nginx page can be reached from either pc) -Both computers have obs installed Stream PC is running Ubuntu 16.04 Gaming PC...