Bug Report OBS.exe Crashed/Closed-DUAL PC System with NDI


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First my english is not so good i hope you understand it - Sry

I have a big problem. Since 1 Week i have a Streaming PC and i use NDI.
with a amd ryzen 2600 6x3.4Ghz and 8GB DDR4 Ram.

At my GamingPC runs OBS only a preview and the NDI plugin (resolution 2560x1440).

At my StreamingPC runs OBS Live.

If the Stream ist Live suddely crashed/closed the obs.exe and the Stream turns off and i must start obs again manuell. but sometimes i become a pop up with a info auf reconnect obs - than OBS starts again self.

the CPU CORE TEMP is max by 85°c
I have 1mbit LAN (connect the Gaming and Streaming PC)
20mbit Upload - I-Net
The RAM ist max bei 80% workload (StreamingPC)

i have any log but i cant understand this :(

can YOU help me :)
if you need any information ask me .



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