Question / Help Dual PC NDI Dropping Frames


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After troubleshooting for a several days doing everything I possibly could to determine what the issue is with my Dropped Frames(Network). First off, let me just say that I checked all hardware connecting my to the router(fantastic router). EVERYTHING is gigabit. Both PCs, both switches, all settings configured to run at gigabit, I also downloaded iPerf to run my own server and pinged my streaming PC, then gaming PC to streaming PC. They both were easily doing 100 MBs(was default setting I'm assuming) and it showed I had a gigabit of bandwidth to work with. So that's great everything is gigabit, but my issue is STILL occurring! I do a test stream at 3000 KBs and still dropping network frames, but when I set it to 1000 KBs it doesn't drop any. Is that just the way it works with OBS NDI? Like I said I streamed for the longest time single stream PC 3000 KBs no problem ever. Just really stumped on what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated! <3