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Hi, I stream using OBS. I have a dual PC setup and my capture card is the HD60 Pro Which is in the streaming pc. I clone my gaming monitor to the elgato to get the gameplay across. However on the streaming pc I have an I7-3700. When I try to record/stream with x264, the quality is fine (1080p at 6000 bitrate). Yet it looks like 30-40 fps when it says its being 60. I don't drop hardly any frames. I use very fast preset. When I use the built in elgato encoder it looks perfect 60fps, however they force you to use their software to use their built in encoder which I definately do no want to do as I hate it. I can't use nvenc or amf as my gpu in the streaming pc is a gt-640 oem, which should be fine for a streaming pc? I also have 12gb of ddr3 ram in the streaming pc. The gaming pc specs are:

1060 6gb
16gb ddr4 (2666mhz)
msi mobo
1 msi 144hz monitor.

Maybe I could buy the avermedia product with a built in h.264 encoder as they allow you to use it in any software. Please if you have any ideas what this could be I also use the very fast preset on my streaming pc and my gaming pc runs at 160fps no performance drops what so ever just the recording/stream comes out low fps. The preview on obs also looks low fps. Worst case I might have to buy new cpu, which would also mean having to buy new ram/motherboard. Also if my gt640 is a problem I can plug in the Amd hd5770 which is quite a bit better, but I wouldn't have thought the streaming pc would need it especially when I use x264 but if you can help I would be extremely appreciative!!
I also use streamlabs OBS, not OBS studio but I have tested both and they both produce the same results.

Recent test record on rocket league at 1060p60fps 6000bitrate x264 preview looks low fps aswell as recording:

This is also the log for a test record on rocket league:


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Can't view the logs right now, but a 3rd gen i7 isn't able to do 1080p60 x264 encoding. It's just too much.

The elgato encoding you referred to is pure hardware encoding that's done on the capture card. There's no way to leverage it in any programs, and even if you were able to, there would be no way to use it for any scene building -- it's just raw video/audio capture encoding.

Swapping the GPUs you mentioned wouldn't do you any good. I'm not sure if you'd be able to leverage AMF with the 5770, and even if you could it wouldn't be powerful enough for 1080p60.

Your best bet with that CPU is to lower the resolution down to 720p if you want to keep 60fps. You're not realistically going to be able to do 1080p60 x264 encoding unless you have a 5th gen i7 CPU or higher.

As far as the avermedia, I'm not sure how that's set up, but I can almost guarantee you that you're not going to be able to use its encoding ability with OBS.


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Ty for all the information I will try 720p60fps but i dont see why i cant do 1060p 60fps as when I do it, it will only ever hit 70% cpu usage at the very max


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I tried 720p60fps but same again it looks like 720p30fps and I have no idea why. The preview looks bad so I get the feeling it might be the elgato not delivering 60fps, which it does in its own software but not to obs. I could try an avermedia but otherwise I'm clueless to why its not 60fps as the slobs says that it doesnt drop any frames??


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Also if i bought a ryzen 2700x would that be fine for streaming as I have heard obs can utilized the extra cores of the ryzen so its better than the i7s for streaming