fps drop with elgato

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    Question / Help Dual PC x264 Bad Stream FPS

    Hi, I stream using OBS. I have a dual PC setup and my capture card is the HD60 Pro Which is in the streaming pc. I clone my gaming monitor to the elgato to get the gameplay across. However on the streaming pc I have an I7-3700. When I try to record/stream with x264, the quality is fine (1080p at...
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    Question / Help fps drops while streaming obs (with elgato hd60s)

    i am facing fps drops while streaming with obs through elgato hd60s. when i am not streaming my fps is 80-120(in PUBG) when i start stream my fps drops to 40-80 current bitrate is 2500 encoder in nvenc h Basic Spec P.C. Gtx 1060 6GB 8gb RAM i5-7 th gen