1. K

    Question / Help PC Crashes When OBS Is Open. Is My CPU Dead?

    Hello, I've recently been getting back into streaming with a consistent schedule, gaining a few viewers and having a great time. Problem is, When I try to stream or even have OBS open in the background of my pc, my pc will randomly either freeze, blue screen or just crash. Ofc during blue...
  2. itsVenom

    Question / Help Should you use GPU or CPU to stream?

    Hey Guys! So quick Question! I've been streaming for a while now and sometimes my streams will be looking good and other times it'll be looking choppy and/or laggy...But i don't know what settings would be best to stream? should I use my CPU or GPU to stream? My PC Specs: GTX-1060 3GB 16GB Ram...
  3. I

    Question / Help Stream 1080P 60FPS

    Hi, I'd like to stream at 1080P 60fps but when I am trying to, my cpu hit 100%,so I am wondering what's the best settings on obs to do it. spec : Intel core i7 8086K gtx 1070 aero 16 go ram 3000 Mhz Thanks a lot for helping me and sorry for my bad english!
  4. oomph

    Question / Help 1st gen i7?

    Hey guys, I am in the process of building a 2nd PC to dedicate as a streaming machine. If at all possible, I have some older hardware laying around that I would like to use on this build. It's an X58 motherboard with an i7 920 CPU. I plan on putting an Elgato HD60 in this PC and capturing my...
  5. Q

    Question / Help CPU or GPU what is best for streaming?

    I just wanted to ask a question one thats probably been asked a million times... But what is best for streaming CPU or GPU? I always thought cpu was the best but also see people say GPU is best so i'm pretty confused.. Any Information would be great.. Thanks...
  6. H

    Question / Help Processor-Encoding Issues

    I am unable to run a smooth 720p30fps stream even though I recently built a PC dedicated solely to streaming. I am running an Intel i5-8400 CPU, 8GB of RAM (hoping to upgrade to 16 GB soon), a 500GB SSD boot drive, and an external Elgato capture card. I use the very fast x264 preset, and the...
  7. D

    Question / Help Poor quality, blur when there is movement, 6k bite 60fps

    Hi all. I'm having poor picture quality on live streaming. this includes blurring, lack of sharpness in details (written for example) and when the camera is moving. This also generates an enormous lack of fluidity. I play RPG with fast movement with many details and fast scenes that move on...
  8. P

    Question / Help FPS Lag/loss my OBS record/stream under 60fps

    Hello people a few months ago OBS studio made me a huge problem it was the following during the filming of one of my clips I saw on my second monitor that OBS did not shoot the video in 60fps and it ranges between 15 to 37 - 40 which is accordingly very unsatisfactory and I have been making big...
  9. G

    Question / Help Cannot stream anymore without getting lag HELP!

    So one month ago I reset my computer to get it a fresh start. I started streaming too and everything was going fine and no issues with streaming. When I reset my PC I downloaded OBS and everything I needed like drivers. So I tried to stream but now all I get on my stream is stutters and lag. I...
  10. Z

    Question / Help What CPU to purchase

    Hey everyone, I'm now looking at a new build and I am a bit divided in my choice of CPU. Options: Ryzen 7 2700X Intel i7 8700K I'll use it for streaming games, playing games and using Adobe software. Anyone wanna share their experience and/or tips?
  11. T

    Question / Help OBS CPU % dropping to 0

    So, what's happening with my obs is the middle of my stream the OBS my kb/s and my cpu % will drop to 0 randomly, I don't lag, I don't do some crazy action that blows up my cpu usage it just stops. My stream settings are fine and my bit rate isn't too low or to high its perfect for my download...
  12. D

    Question / Help Urgent (NEW CPU FOR SLOWER / SLOWEST PRESET)

    Hi everyone! I have been stalking the forums for many months! And decided to make an account seen I can just not find out WHAT I need exactly (cpu wise) Now I am wondering if any of you would be able to help me out... I am building a new pc at the minute, in the 3100,- Euro range, the thing...
  13. Y

    Question / Help CPU or Videocard? What is most important when live-streaming using ultrabook

    Hi! I am going to broadcast using OBS, and using 2-3 exetrnal cameras, build in chromakey function, animation, additional video files (footages) etc., but no games. And i would like to do it with ultrabook. What is the most important characteristic of ultrabook i need? Powerful CPU or...
  14. scurra

    Question / Help CPU Preset

    Hey everyone, I've got a question if it's worth to set up CPU Preset higher than Veryfast (I mean Faster, Fast, etc...). Yesterday I've upgraded my pc so my current setup is: Monitor: 24" AOC g2460PG Case: SilentiumPC Gladius M35 Motherboard: ASUS TUF X470-PLUS GAMING - AMD X470 CPU: AMD...
  15. F

    Question / Help 50% CPU when streaming, causing games to struggle when the run on max usually

    PC Specs: GPU: GTX1080 CPU: i7 6700 RAM: 32GB I recently wiped my computer due to some security issues, and since then have had many complications with streaming. I can run games at usual FPS on maximum settings when I am not streaming, but as soon as stream starts, games such as Fortnite...
  16. 0

    Question / Help High "System" CPU Usage when OBS is Open. Logs and screenshot.

    Hey people. I have a problem. As soon i start my OBS "System" CPU usage goes up to 10-19%. Why this feels like a problem for me is because when i started streaming 1-2 months ago. Then i didnt have that "problem". I noticed the "problem after latest update. The system cpu usage is going up by...
  17. R

    Question / Help Constant Crashing

    OBS crashes during my live streams numerous times. Here's the pastepin crash report. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks https://pastebin.com/eRirtNQN
  18. Z

    Question / Help High CPU usage while idle

    The CPU % shown on OBS its self says i'm running at 15% roughly. While my Task Manager is showing 40%+ while i'm not even streaming to anything. Any idea as to why? https://hastebin.com/cinavokini
  19. T

    Question / Help What CPU preset does "Simple" output mode use?

    What CPU preset does "Simple" output mode use? I want to enable advanced encoder settings and just want a baseline of where to start. Thank you.
  20. R

    Question / Help Capped out CPU when trying to stream ROBLOX?

    Hey everyone I am capping out my processor usage when trying to stream anything at all. Even without a game running. Computer Specs: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 , with GDDR5, 6GB VRAM RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2133MHz SDRAM HD: 256GB SATA3 SSD HD2: 1TB 7200RPM SATA...