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Nathan Bauer

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To whom it may concern,

Thanks to anyone that provides help with this in advance, but I have a two PC setup. The gaming PC is feeding content into the streaming PC via an Elgato HD 60. The Streaming PC is equipped with Z-390 and an I5-9600K. When recording along I am getting 100% CPU usage. Also, when simply running OBS I am getting 38% CPU usage. I have installed my Intel graphics drivers. However, it should be noted I am using my onboard graphics.

What can I do to improve lower my cpu usage. I've attached my most recent log when recording? Would a GPU reduce the strain on my CPU to improve stream performance?

Additionally, I've attached my OBS settings. Please advise if anything should be modified.

Lastly, I've followed this guide to get where I am now.


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38% CPU usage is pretty high... had a similar issue with my old setup which is basically the same you have now. But my CPU usage was about 10-12%. What I can tell you is that after installing a gtx1050 my CPU usage was dropping to ~4%.

Try the following:
- run OBS as an administrator
- disable GameDVR on Windows
- in your video tab use or try Bilinear (you do not downscale your video so imho there is no need for filtering)

Maybe you have a friend who has some kind of graphics card for testing purposes? Would be interesting to see if any kind of graphics card would reduce your CPU usage.

What encoder you are using in the elgato software? You can choose between CPU ang GPU. Maybe you can try set it to CPU (GPU is default).


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You have a very complex scene and filter setup. For troubleshooting, remove everything (you can "backup" your scenes with the help of Scene Collections) and re-add source by source and scene by scene to see if you have some source or scene that is particularly cpu-demanding.