Question / Help stream settings for apex and fortnite


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hello sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section its my first post and I was just looking for some help regarding some stream settings.

my comp specs are

I5 6500
gtx 1070 ti
16gb ram
120 gb ssd
1tb hdd

internet speed


and my obs settings right now are

3800 bitrate
base canvas 1920x1080
output resolution 1280x720
downsale filter biliner
fps 30

Streaming apex is not as bad as streaming fortnite but its still pretty laggy despite playing on the lowest graphics on both

I know fortnite is a cpu intensive game but I still feel like I shouldnt be lagging this bad

If anyone can help with some settings that might help me stream I really wanna start grinding my twitch and just wanna know what would be best for me.
Prioritize performance over visual