1. C

    Question / Help Gamechat

    Hello I am new to streaming. I stream using an Elgato HD60s and an Xbox one. I use streamlabs obs. I use a chat link cable between my mix amp and my elgato to pick up game chat. The issue is it picks up my game chat and I want to use my blue snowball as my mic not the one I use to talk to...
  2. K

    Question / Help whats the best recording and best quality settings for 1080p 60fps

    i just started doing youtube and my quality is really bad and it would be great if someone could help me with my settings and ms is 10 ping and download mbps is 92.33 and my upload mbps is 5.91 . and i am recording fortnite thank you !! logs ;
  3. H

    Question / Help OBS recording stutters in a pattern

    Hi I've been having an aggravating problem in OBS Studio and Streamlabs Every recording I make, there is a constant stutter in what seems like a pattern. It happens every 8 seconds or so. My GPU nor CPU ever get anywhere near 100% My PC is an Alienware Aurora R8, this one specifically...
  4. U

    Question / Help BattleEye blocks Game Capture

    I work for a company that uses OBS to stream Fortnite to our servers. We have compiled and built our own OBS installer that has a profile and scene pre-configured. Our scene is set to game-capture. I am trying to troubleshoot why our compiled version of OBS does not work with Fortnite game...
  5. M

    Best budget laptop for OBS?

    Found out that my laptop is too weak to run OBS efficiently so I need recommendations for laptops that aren't super expensive that can run it well! I have a webcam that only runs with Windows so that's preferred! The laptop I have currently is the Lenovo IdeaPad 130s 14.0. It only has 1.1 GHz of...
  6. R

    Bug Report Cant stream with amd gpu

    Hi, I cant stream with my AMD graphics card. The encoders arent working, they tell me to update my driver, but i already did. Its the rx 5700 xt. I also cant record, if I use the normal x264 encoder, my game is lagging so much, i cant play normally. What can i do? Please fix
  7. S

    Question / Help input lag when streaming HELP!

    So basically when i stream fortnite, i feel a little more input lag, then when im not streaming and i dont know why. PLEASE HELP!! my specs are ryzen 5 2600 gtx 1660 xc ultra 16gb ddr4 2600 mhz ram gigabyte b450m 120gb ssd 1tb hard drive 500w power supply my obs settings are nvenc (new)...

    Question / Help IshowU audio capture/OBS/fortnite/iMAC/ @dodgepong This new OBS installer is fine but there's still some issues with the desktop audio, It stays disabled, I tried downloading the IshowU capture app and it worked perfectly, it red my desktop audio, my mic was...
  9. L

    Question / Help Recording Gameplays - OBS i Need Help!

    Hey, i need help. I wanted to record some gameplays on OBS Studio. (Fortnite) Im doing it every day. But since today i have a problem. When i click 'start recording' and switching into Fortnite, its getting recorded. When i save the clip and wanted to watch it, my character is not moving. I just...
  10. S

    Question / Help Obs Crashes With Ndi

    So i have obs and slobs to do a dual pc setup with ndi but i try to stream fortnite on the 2nd pc my obs on my gaming machine just crashes. and it only crashes if i have fortnite on 1444x1080
  11. I

    Question / Help Stretched Resolution

    So I'm pretty new to OBS and I'm trying to record Fortnite with a stretched resolution (1444x1080). Everything is fine if I'm watching the video back, but thats only if my desktop resolution is on 1444x1080. If I change it back to 1920x1080 while watching the video there are black bars. So if I...
  12. D

    Question / Help stream settings for apex and fortnite

    hello sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section its my first post and I was just looking for some help regarding some stream settings. my comp specs are I5 6500 gtx 1070 ti 16gb ram 120 gb ssd 1tb hdd internet speed and my obs settings right now are 3800 bitrate nvenc base...
  13. H

    Question / Help Settings for Geforce GTX 1070 and i5 7600k 8gb ram

    Hello guys, first thank u for clicking on this thread. As u guys have seen in the title i'm looking for some good settings i have tried to figure it out on my own because i personally don't like to ask questions I prefer to figure it out on my own. But i'm distraught because i feel like i tried...
  14. R

    Question / Help Fortnite will not capture..something to do with attempting to hook process: FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe

    Hi all, Having a real hard time finding a fix to this. Fortnite will only give me a black screen when trying to game capture it. Seems to have something to do with attempting to hook process: FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe. Here is the log.
  15. D

    Question / Help Ingame no lag but in video, lot of lags

    Hello, I want to record my screen with obs, in the game (fortnite), I have no lag, but when I watch the video, it's lagging. Can you help with my settings? CPU : i9-9900k GPU : GTX 1050 2go RAM : 16go Output: Advanced, Recording: Recording format: mp4 Encoder: Nvenc H.264 Rate Control: CBR...
  16. M

    Question / Help When I record game play I keep stuttering very badly

    I try to keep recording game play and I watched a video that showed the best settings. I put in the settings that were recommended and I keep stuttering, very badly. It freezes for a few seconds. Why is this stuttering. I tried to record both at 1080 and 720. Then in game I lowerd my GPU usage...
  17. M

    Question / Help how to fix obs captures any games, but not fortnite that just did not try, just run from the administrator
  18. Sharkyzane231

    Question / Help Streaming Fortnite on ultrawide results in a bit of lag, is it normal?

    Whenever I stream Fortnite, I seem to get FPS drops (the fps counter in Fortnite doesn't seem to drop tho) and I'm not too sure if this is normal or not. I think it might be due to my ultrawide monitor but I'm not too sure. I stream at 720p60fps (it doesn't lag too much on games that aren't as...
  19. F

    Question / Help フォートナイトの画面が映らない

  20. A

    Question / Help Weird Recording Issue

    I have just started using OBS, and I have found that the first few minutes of gameplay I record in a session (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes) will be super laggy (with perfect audio), but then after that it seems to fix itself and it records in perfect 1080p at 60fps throughout the rest of the...