1. D

    BSOD using Dazzle DVC100

    Hello, I've been using OBS Studio for a while and I often have problems with BSOD, which only happen if the program is open without recording or if the content received from the capture card is down. For example, I cannot leave OBS recording the contents of a VHS tape and leave the computer...
  2. vnva

    BSoD after closing OBS like 95% of the time

    Here's the log. Someone tell me what's wrong here
  3. C

    Reset PC due to Repeated BSOD, Need to recover OBS settings, setup and files

    I had to reset a PC, due to a repeated issue with Blue Screens of Death, However, I need to recover those OBS settings and files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I

    OBS Running Ends in BSOD With Every Game

    Hey there, new to forums and looking for help. I have been streaming using OBS for years without issues and this past month have not been able to stream consistently due to a reoccuring issue. Everytime I try to start streaming, my OBS will randomly freeze and crash. Sometimes this causes my PC...
  5. R

    Consistent BSOD when closing OBS while an Elgato capture card is connected

    Hey. Every time I close OBS while I have an elgato connected to my PC along with viewing a scene with a video capture linking the elgato, it gives my PC the Blue Screen Of Death. Tested using the 4k Capture Utlity tool and closest it while a preview was running, and didn't get a Blue Screen...
  6. The Elite Nax

    Streaming causes BSODs, multiple cases

    Hello, For the past 2 months when getting into more PC gaming while streaming I would start running into issue. First case, after maybe 10-20 minutes of running a game while streaming, OBS would crash and then cause a BSOD. This scenario's likelihood was oddly increased (almost certain) when...
  7. kruemmelbande

    BSOD when using Virtual Cam

    This happened to me, and i did manage to reproduce it. If you open obs, and start the virtual camera, open the camera app in windows, close it, and then close obs, ill give you the promt to stop the camera. Clicking yes actually causes a BSOD. (Video attached)
  8. B

    Receiving a BSOD while streaming with Streamlabs

    I am currently having a major issue of a system failure followed by a Bluescreen of Death (DPC Watchdog Violation error) after a random period of time streaming on Streamlabs OBS. I am running the following: MOBO: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK with AMD B450 ATX Motherboard - Socket AM4 GPU: MSI GeForce...
  9. TeVeN

    Blue screen after 30 to 50 minute stream

    Hi everyone I got blue screen after 30 or 50 minuter stream. I updated windows and drivers all time. my pc setup: Motherboard: Asus x570 - F CPU: ryzen 9 3900x GPU: MSI 2080ti Xtrio Ram: 32 GB tridentZ neo Webcam: logitech c920 Headset: logitech g633 Keyboard: logitech g512 mouse : logitech...
  10. O

    OBS crashing BSOD on recording screen from local file or from stream

    Dear Forum. Hello and thanks for being there. I'm new and hope that the format is correct below. logfile: I haved recently bought a Intel Hades Canyon NUC (spec below) windows 10 machine which includes a RAdeon Vega dedicated graphics card. I need...
  11. Z

    BSOD after I stream for like 5-30 Minutes using OBS!

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to try to stream with my new PC setup but then i ran into a lot of BSOD's :( These BSOD's only happen, if I stream tho, after like 5-30 minutes I hope anyone can help me... The crash dump report: On Sun 11.10.2020 15:56:58 your computer crashed or a problem was...
  12. Y

    Stream Crashes after ~1 hour, Cannot restart OBS/BSoD

    This has been an occurrence for over a year, but used to not happen. Being very aware that DAWs are high in CPU usage, I've already tried using as few apps as possible, closing background apps as well. Only occurring while using FL Studio. Basically, going as far as to completely closing out of...
  13. SwiFii

    Question / Help BSOD while streaming only (NT Kernel & System)

    Hi, I’ve a BSOD everytime I stream, this is never happen when I’m not. The problem seems to be “Kernel” I don’t really understand what is it and I don’t know how to solve it. So there is the crash report : crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\050220-23062-01.dmp This was probably caused by...
  14. H

    Question / Help Things crashing while recording Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I think I have a large amount of issues to discuss and will be hopefully updating this soon but here’s my main issue, whenever I am recording csgo one of three things will happen 1.BSOD-the biggest and worst problem 2.OBS Crash-it says an error occurred I will upload the crash log when I get...
  15. R

    Question / Help Rainbow Six Siege PUBG crash bsod when streaming (randomized)

    When i'm streaming the pc crash with blue screen FILE DUMP crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\112719-13859-01.dmp This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x1C14E0) Bugcheck code: 0x139 (0x3, 0xFFFFB08BAEDCEB40, 0xFFFFB08BAEDCEA98, 0x0) Error...
  16. R

    Question / Help BSOD, complete melt down, and OBS crashing all in one session!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and to steaming in general! Been going about 6 weeks now and up until this evening no problems Earlier, whenever I started a stream, OBS would either crash, my PC would BSOD and in one case my entire screen went very pixelated...I then opened a youtube "fix" video and...
  17. M

    Bug Report GT 710 NVENC not Supported :,(

    Hi! I have finally a good GPU. So I decided to make videos on youtube. I downloaded OBS, because it was free. I chose NVENC H 264 because it was supported. And the recording worked like normal. BUT, one DAY there was an update avaliable, so I downloaded it. GUESS WHAT! I wasnt able to record...
  18. evilgoodguy

    Question / Help MKV file unrecoverable after BSOD

    Hey guys, so I started recording in mkv about a year ago, due to crashing that I was experiencing on my old computer. As we all know, mp4s are pretty much the devil because you can't salvage them after a crash of any kind. It saved me many times in the past after quite a few game crashes and...
  19. E

    Question / Help OBS crashes with new PC Build

    I've been dealing with OBS crashing in the middle of streaming. At first I would get the BSOD with the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - Wdf01000.sys failed", but after some basic troubleshooting found on Youtube (Windows Memory Diagnostic and Disabling Write Caching on my Disk Drives via Device...
  20. I

    Question / Help BSOD while streaming.

    Hello, so im streaming a while now and never had issues while streaming. So one day i was streaming and after a couple of minutes i had a BSOD. So i waited for it restard and wanted continue streaming. But when i tried i kept having BSOD. Could someone help me with this problem ASAP? Nils.