Streaming causes BSODs, multiple cases

The Elite Nax

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For the past 2 months when getting into more PC gaming while streaming I would start running into issue. First case, after maybe 10-20 minutes of running a game while streaming, OBS would crash and then cause a BSOD. This scenario's likelihood was oddly increased (almost certain) when attempting to switch between windows (alt+tab-ing).

Second case (just recently started happening) where I'll be streaming my console via a capture card (which has never yielded issue before, it was actually my "safe way" to stream without issue) and about 1 hour/1.5 hours my stream will crash just from streaming.

My PC runs perfectly fine outside of streaming and has no issue with playing games off-stream. The behavior mimicked some kind leak or feedback loop (my and others' guesses, so far) and I thought possibly upgrading my old hard disk to a SSD could help with the issue, but it didn't. I also tried running 2 memtests for 12hrs+ and nothing seems wrong with the RAM either. My Windows is updated and ensured I updated all my drivers, so now I'm a bit stumped on what to try next.

I've attached 1 crash log from a day I believe the 1st case happened and 2 session logs up until the 2nd case happening. Also I can answer any questions or provide any further information if need - feel free to ask!


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