memory leak

  1. E

    memory leak after playing persona 3 on game pass

    Hey everyone, posting on behalf of my partner here. She's been streaming from her current PC for around a year or 2 without issue until today when she tried to stream Persona 3 on game pass. The PC and OBS never crashed when this happened, but the PC started significantly lagging. Before this...
  2. R

    Memory Leak with Twitch Guest Star

    Hi guys, I used to use Twitch Guest Star fine but in the last month or so it causes OBS to have high RAM usage with 1 guest and guarantees a crash with 2 or more guests. There doesn't have to be a guest on the call, as long as the sources are visible and Guest Star is active it will crash and...
  3. D

    OBS memory usage spikes with Logitech C920 webcam source

    Hi everyone, I am using OBS on my Mac as an interface for my webcam and mic to feed it into MS Teams. It's nothing special, just the cam, a simple text and picture overlay, and my mic with some VST plugins. However, after running OBS for a certain amount of time, it starts filling the...
  4. A

    OBS application hanging

    I just built a new pc, and obs just keeps crashing over and over the event viewer says its a Application hang. im very new and this is my first forum post so i dont know what info is required, i have my obs logs but i dont necessary know how to read them? at the end of a few it just says memory...
  5. L

    High memory usage even when doing "nothing"

    Since 16/06/2022, most likely due to a Windows 10 update, OBS started eating up 1 MB of RAM every 5-10 seconds. This occurs even when i simply open it, with no active streaming nor recording. Tried searching issues on GitHub but found nothing. The logs analyzer reports nothing wrong...
  6. 0vm

    A Simple Fix To OBS' High Memory Usage The source code is all there There is a release that you can run through virus-total, not obfuscated or confused in any way. I Had the problem with high memory usage with streamlabs and normal OBS, so I stopped streaming because it made...
  7. V

    OBS Having memory leaks over 30+ leaks 3 times on the same instance, over 3 weeks happening

    Greetings, so the OBS version that I had: 27.2.3 (and one of my friends had this same issue happening to them from the 27.2.4 version). My obs kept crashing my VIVE wireless vr headset, started freezing the game, disconnecting my bluetooth devices and even crashing the game. suffered from this...
  8. F

    Obs zieht plötzlich sporadisch RAM leer. Memory Leak

    Tach Tach Leute, Seit einigen Tagen habe ich ein Problem mit OBS. Ich habe weder an den Einstellungen noch an der Hardware was geändert. Mitten in der Aufnahme fängt OBS an meine Ram zu ziehen. Im regelfall ist der RAM Verbrauch bei ca- 700-1000MB. Dann wird mein Stream Chat und der...
  9. O

    Memory leak while streaming

    While streaming, I've been having major memory leaks where I've watched the RAM usage climb all the way up it 11GB of RAM, slow down my computer, FPS drops to around 11FPS and then forces my stream to disconnect. My computer specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 32GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Windows 11 I...
  10. G

    Highly random CPU usage (online&offline)

    Hi all ! I recently restored a clean version of my streaming PC. Since then I'm getting high CPU usage on a random basis. Let me explain : Sometimes I spend hours livestreaming (NVENC) + recording (x264) without a hitch. Sometimes I just boot up OBS, not even going live, to find my usual 10%...
  11. The Elite Nax

    Streaming causes BSODs, multiple cases

    Hello, For the past 2 months when getting into more PC gaming while streaming I would start running into issue. First case, after maybe 10-20 minutes of running a game while streaming, OBS would crash and then cause a BSOD. This scenario's likelihood was oddly increased (almost certain) when...
  12. T

    Memory Leak while streaming

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to fix this issue myself for about a month with zero success! Right around the three hour mark of each of my streams, my computer runs out of RAM. My computer isn't exactly the newest, but here's my system specs: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz 16GB of RAM Nvidia...
  13. mr_joe

    Browser Element (Using StreamElements) Causes Memory Leak Mac Os 10.15.7

    Firstly, I'm aware OBS does NOT work on Big Sur, this error occurs on Catalina. It's very easy to reproduce. Simply create a browser elements with some stream elements theme. Then watch your memory usage go up, refer to my screenshot to use activity viewer on the memory section. You don't...
  14. N

    Question / Help Frames Missed and Frames Skipped help. Memory leak issue?

    Ok so my system is a i7 9700k cpu 2080 Super msi gaming egde ac 16 GB ram i've been streaming a bit and noticed lately i have been getting alot more missed and skipped frames. I have tried alot of stuff to fix it. Messed with every setting i can think of but could not figure it out. So i...
  15. WeeemRCB

    Bug Report OBS 25.0.4 memory leak - occupies all the memory and crashes

    Hi I was running v24(.0.3?) before I got prompted to upgrade to V25(.0.4) I did so and it started ok, but then I noticed about 20 mins later that OBS had crashed. It's never crashed before on any of the older versions. It did this a few times which prompted me to do a chkdsk I started it up...
  16. unfa

    Bug Report OBS memory leak randomly taking down my PC

    Last month this happened for the first time - OBS was causing memory leaks filling up all my SWAP (16 GB) and all my RAM (32 GB) and taking down my system twice during a live event. Today I'm doing another stream and the same is happening. It works well for a while, but the suddenly it starts...
  17. A

    Question / Help huge memory leak whats going on!

    not sure whats going on is this duo to my gpu being used up soo much?
  18. T

    Question / Help Possible MacOS Memory Leak when using VLC as Source

    Hello all -- long time lurker and first-time poster! I use OBS to stream music videos from bands to A&R people at record labels, so the VLC integration has always worked flawlessly for me -- until recently. I'm not sure what has changed, but now my OBS seems to sprout a memory leak every time...
  19. N

    Question / Help obs-browser-page Maxing out RAM

    My RAM is maxing out, and the culprit is one "obs-browser-page". The 4 others running in the processes are fine. How can I figure out which one it is and why its going so crazy? I haven't changed anything in my stream recently but this just started happening right now (I literally streamed 4...
  20. S

    Bug Report After the OBS failure, memory began to leak [cef-bootstrap.exe]

    When i use OBS with VST plugin it crahed. My pc slowed. in task manager i see: Sorry, my english is not good.