OBS Having memory leaks over 30+ leaks 3 times on the same instance, over 3 weeks happening


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Greetings, so the OBS version that I had: 27.2.3 (and one of my friends had this same issue happening to them from the 27.2.4 version). My obs kept crashing my VIVE wireless vr headset, started freezing the game, disconnecting my bluetooth devices and even crashing the game. suffered from this issue for 3 weeks+. I'll provide the lasts Logs before I rerolled back to 27.2.0 and fixed all of my issues.


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You're using SE.live plugin. Please contact them for suport.
Alternatively, unistall it. Then uninstall OBS and reinstal it in orden to fix all the changes this plugin mades. After this please perform a clean log of no less than 30 sec. test.