obs 27.2.3

  1. X

    Help! Obs crash when I call ResetVideo()

    I want to update the video resolution(from 1280x720 to 720x1280) in the middle of streaming, so I call: obs_output_stop() ObsBase->ResetVideo() obs_output_start() But it crashes.
  2. T

    Video Capture Goes Green When I Open "Preferences"

    Hello, When I open the Preferences for my HDMI Capture card, the capture goes green for a second then the whole output goes green and the only way to get rid of the green is by restarting the computer. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS running OBS Studio 27.2.3 (apt version) Thank you
  3. Q

    OBS Crashing When Stopping Stream

    Hi All! I have been using the OBS WebRTC fork for 2 years now and recently started to encounter a small problem: every time I stop my stream, OBS crashes showing Unhandled exception: c0000005 in the crash report. The stream runs 100%, but only crashes as soon as I click on "stop streaming". Is...
  4. B

    OBS crashing GPU/Hanging PC on launch

    As of a few weeks ago if I launch OBS with anything else open my GPU drivers will crash and restart. As of two days ago and today, it freezes permanently and has to be restarted. Does not happen with any other software on my PC in any combination. Does not matter what the software is that's...
  5. C

    OBS - Can monitor audio, video has 0 audio

    If possible to be linked to a similar issue that has been answered to the subject above will great! Thank you. If not answered here is the issue. Current: - OBS - 27.2.3 (64 Bit) (SE.live - latest) - WIN Capture Audio - 2.2.3 - Beta (to separate audio tracks) Used older version - Unknown. I...
  6. V

    OBS Having memory leaks over 30+ leaks 3 times on the same instance, over 3 weeks happening

    Greetings, so the OBS version that I had: 27.2.3 (and one of my friends had this same issue happening to them from the 27.2.4 version). My obs kept crashing my VIVE wireless vr headset, started freezing the game, disconnecting my bluetooth devices and even crashing the game. suffered from this...
  7. C

    OBS and Google Chrome conflict

    Hi. Hope all is well. I have a problem when opening my OBS. My last stream was okay and all working with OBS, everything were fine. But then, when I thought of streaming the other day, everything suddenly went crazy. As I tried opening my OBS, the STREAM INFORMATION and CHAT is no longer...
  8. jjwyndham

    OBS Crashes with new version 27.2.3

    Friends, I have tried downloading and installing the new version of OBS Studio (27.2.3) several times now, and every time I try to run/ it, it crashes. Based on other threads I've read, I have checked my graphics drivers and they are up to date (according to Intel). My crash logs are attached...
  9. J

    OBS 27.2.3 // VoiceMeeter / Free VB-CABLE: WASAPI: Device '{}.{}' failed to start

    Good Evening, I have been facing a very strange problem lately. At random as I stream a game on the internet, they drop sharply from 80-90 fps to 15-2 fps the sound sounds distorted or as if in excessive slow-motion, the Ping with the game server goes up to 200-400ms Ping. Then it disconnects...
  10. C

    Cant update OBS to version 27.2.3

    Hello, When i try to update OBS to version 27.2.3, it doesn't work. when i click update the OBS updater says "All available updates are already installed" I tried to restart my computer multiple times but it shows the same message every time. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/kshqiv6TtUP7ZsRF