OBS and Google Chrome conflict


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Hi. Hope all is well.

I have a problem when opening my OBS.

My last stream was okay and all working with OBS, everything were fine. But then, when I thought of streaming the other day, everything suddenly went crazy. As I tried opening my OBS, the STREAM INFORMATION and CHAT is no longer working, and all I could see is blank boxes for both tools. I just found out that whenever I tried opening Google Chrome, this happened. It also stopped working both OBS and Google Chrome. I have settled up everything on Chrome. I've been streaming for years now using both applications and I never seem to have any issues. This is just really new to me. I tried to uninstall and re-install it again, but the same thing is happening. I just don't know what to do since it's so hard to find others who has the same issue as I am experiencing atm.

Can someone help? I would appreciate it a lot.


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A log file is also required. Check on Help menu, upload the log, check the analyzer and copy the link in here.


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Please follow fixes/recommendations you'll see on the analizer

Also verify all thre plugins you may have installed / are using if they are updated and are compatible with latest versions of OBS. Check any custom dock you added too.
Opening Goggle Chrome shouldn't be an issue. OBS isn't using Chrome.