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  1. E

    OBS and Oculus Mirror

    Hi! A month ago I was stream VR games from Oculus Mirror, but today Im back and OBS captures just a pic from Oculus Mirror, looks like freeze although can see mouse cursor when I move above Oculus Mirror window, what is happening? On Oculus Mirror window can see the game propertly
  2. F

    VR recording shows a screen glitch

    My VR gameplay recordings with OBS all show a glitch or warp, actually a vertical band going from top to bottom, a quarter of the way from the left hand side of the screen. Within the vertical band the video is out of sync with the rest of the video. Its hard to describe, if you took a video...
  3. Hacked Mixed Reality

    Mixed Reality Quad Compositor 1.0.0

    This plugin consists of two filters which are used to automatically cut out the correct parts from a quad view mixed reality output. This is either direct from game, or the LIV Dump output (if you want greater control over compositing). Usage This plugin is recommended to be used in...
  4. V

    OBS being ovearloaded, FPS lag any time it's not tabbed into it Hopefully someone can help me, this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If I click OBS and make it the main program fps on stream are fine but they lag on my end. But if I click VRChat (the other program running at the time) it says it's being...
  5. V

    OBS causing my vr to lag massively

    Whenever I start streaming in VR, OBS causes my fps to drop heavely when im on VR and only when I get on vr these are the logs from the last test stream I did.
  6. V

    OBS Having memory leaks over 30+ leaks 3 times on the same instance, over 3 weeks happening

    Greetings, so the OBS version that I had: 27.2.3 (and one of my friends had this same issue happening to them from the 27.2.4 version). My obs kept crashing my VIVE wireless vr headset, started freezing the game, disconnecting my bluetooth devices and even crashing the game. suffered from this...
  7. C

    SkyrimVR with Index: Menu continually triggered while OBS is open

    Good evening, I am attempting to stream SkyrimVR with my Valve Index over OBS. With the game running, if I open OBS the in-game menu immediately pops up and has to be dismissed whereupon it immediately reappears as though the button input to open it is being repeatedly pressed. I have...
  8. T

    Unbinding copy's video source

    I'm trying to pull off a 32x9 side by side 3D presentation. For it to work accurately whatever is on the left side for the left eye must be on the right side for the right eye in the following horizontal symmetry : ABCDABCD. So I do what I want for the left eye position it how I want and copy...
  9. FR-The_S

    VR Streaming/Recording issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having some issue to stream/record VR games specially MFS2020. While my OBS is not running, the game is fluid in VR but when I'm just starting OBS, my games begin to have some less performances and when I'm trying to record/stream the game, it's not possible it's like 10fps...
  10. OG See OH Zee

    'nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock) failed: 4 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_DEVICE)' error while streaming Skyrim VR

    The title in question has been a thing only when I stream Skyrim VR and it happens about 30 minutes after OBS and the game are running. Never got any errors when streaming VRChat so far. Logfile is And I'm using the Oculus Rift S with SteamVR.
  11. S

    Need help with OBS performance issues. (Studdering in VR Headset/stream preview/stream)

    Hey there, I am a small twitch streamer who is having issues with performance being terrible in VR during a stream and am hoping to get some help. Here's my specs - Geforce GTX 1660 (Version 446.14) - Intel core i5-7600 @ 3.5GHz - 32 Gigs of ram - Oculus CV1 headset Here's the stream where I...
  12. R

    OBS randomly crashes when I stream VR but never any other game.

    I've had this issue recently where using my VR setup crashes OBS. I'm not really sure why so I thought I'd ask more technical people here. But, if I could get to the bottom of this that would be great because it's super hard to monitor if obs has crashed or not with a VR headset on. This is the...
  13. T

    Question / Help Vr oculus recording

    So i have a oculus but i have the link and when i plug it in, it gives me a headphone and a microphone on my sound option when i have all the headphones disabled and just have the oculus headphone enabled it doesn't record background audio, what do all of you think? In obs i have oculus...
  14. S

    Is it possible to combine the two cameras from the Valve Index camera feed into one 16:9 camera for OBS?

    Hello, I recently got a new Valve Index, and I wanted to see if it was possible to combine the two cameras of the index into one 16:9 camera? The feed of the webcam for the index looks like this: I want it to look more like a normal webcam (16:9/4:3, not fisheyed) Is this possible through OBS...
  15. B

    Question / Help Streaming Half Life Alyx on Windows Mixed Reality headset - OBS monitor is all good, viewers say stream is buffering/slow/laggy

    Hi all, I'm having sort of endless problems here with trying to stream Half Life Alyx. I've streamed it 3 times so far, and it seems like no matter what I do, the first 30 minutes of the stream consist of me kind of aimlessly clicking about until the stream is watchable. I'm really not sure why...
  16. S

    Question / Help Open VR Plugin - Recordings stutter (in-game is fine)

    Hi! I've just recently started using the Open VR Plugin for OBS so that I can record my right eye in H3VR with that much wider FOV than what the default gives you - But my recordings are stuttering quite badly. I've tried numerous settings, including lowering bitrate, resolution, recording...
  17. S

    Question / Help VR headset fps lowered when obs is running

    rig info : gtx 1080 8gb VRAM in an eGPU setup with a spectre x360 ae010tu ( i7 8th gen U series ) 16gb of ram HP windows mixed reality headset settings: ( using obs just to record not to stream ) bitrate:2500 encoder: x264 problem: Obs recording footage looks nice but in VR it looks not...
  18. B

    Question / Help Obs + Open VR Reording ETS2 give me black bars left and right when turning. #Help

    Hello as mentioned in the title. When i look left or right I gte black flikering bars. Its almost as if it is a static plane that is being recorded and we are seeing the edges. Any idea how I can illimnate this issue? Other people dont seem to have any issues recording. Example here: around the...
  19. OnionKnight23

    Question / Help OBS starting output failed

    I keep getting a starting output failure whenever I try to stream VR. It used to always work before and I've had no problems streaming vr before. I'm not doing anything differently from when it used to work or have any new programs running, it just suddenly stopped working. Attaching my log below.
  20. C

    Add 360° support to OBS

    With the imminent arrival of 360° cameras for livestreaming, I would like to be able to configure a 360 Video Capture Device as a Source.