Unbinding copy's video source

I'm trying to pull off a 32x9 side by side 3D presentation. For it to work accurately whatever is on the left side for the left eye must be on the right side for the right eye in the following horizontal symmetry : ABCDABCD.

So I do what I want for the left eye position it how I want and copy and paste everything as an eye to the right eye. You could copy and paste properties and you could copy and paste actual items but you can't copy and paste physical XY relations.

So when I try to fix the right eye on this fully copied it thinks it's supposed to identically shift with the left eye when it's not supposed to.

I don't know how else to get an exact copy of the left eye and right eye in the right position? If I position it manually I might be off and I'll throw off the 3d effect.

Either function to unbind copies or copy XY position relationships would be helpful in this case.

By the way sorry I posted it in the wrong thing. I could see that the page I actually worked on is if you want to actually do work on it not if you want to just make a suggestion of it.