Question / Help Obs + Open VR Reording ETS2 give me black bars left and right when turning. #Help

Hello as mentioned in the title. When i look left or right I gte black flikering bars. Its almost as if it is a static plane that is being recorded and we are seeing the edges. Any idea how I can illimnate this issue? Other people dont seem to have any issues recording.

Example here: around the 2.11 mark as I pull out or the depot. Any help appreciated.


Windows 10
Gtx 1080ti
32 gig ram
i5 6600@ 4.0ghz


Could it be the Asynchronous Reprojection or Asynchronous Time Warp? Oculus Tray Tool and the SteamVR Advanced settings plugin allow you to turn it off.

I haven't played with the OpenVR plugin for awhile, does it still occur if you flip what eye it is pulling?
I have not tried swapping eyes. I forgot to say im on the vive. What is the advantage of using open vr over game capture? is there any? maybe not using open vr is the solution.


I believe OpenVR takes the frame from the compositor provided by the OpenVR API, Game capture would need to hook to the application, I haven't used the plugin since last year, maybe some cropping adjustments might help, it has a preset for Vive 16:9
Hm tried everything last night. Using display capture the view is so distorted and fish eyed. Tried all settings with open vr with no luck it must be the game all other games work perfectly.