1. fenoncobra

    input lag when opening obs

    good afternoon friend how are you with a problem when i open OBS and i will play euro truck simulator 2 or american truck simulator i have frametime autos and when i close OBS the game is normal. give a helping hand guys ,config Windows 10 Pro...
  2. leillo1975

    Question / Help Black textures when I stream ETS2

    Hello I have a problem with my ETS2 streamings. When you see my stream or video of Euro Truck Simulator 2, a lot of signals in the road are black. In game everything is normal, I don't see this problem. Obviously is a OBS problem. You can see an example here: I use Ubuntu 18.04.2 with an...
  3. Manuel David

    Question / Help Problemas con ets2, caida de fps. // Problems with ets2, fall of fps.

    ------ En Español ----- Mi problema es el siguiente: Cuando intento hacer streaming del ets2, la emision cae a los 20 fps, cuando yo estoy jugando a una media de 70 u 80. El problema no es internet, ya que con el obs abierto, sin grabar ni emitir, con este juego no pasa de los 40 fps, y en el...
  4. B

    Question / Help Obs + Open VR Reording ETS2 give me black bars left and right when turning. #Help

    Hello as mentioned in the title. When i look left or right I gte black flikering bars. Its almost as if it is a static plane that is being recorded and we are seeing the edges. Any idea how I can illimnate this issue? Other people dont seem to have any issues recording. Example here: around the...