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  1. V

    OBS Having memory leaks over 30+ leaks 3 times on the same instance, over 3 weeks happening

    Greetings, so the OBS version that I had: 27.2.3 (and one of my friends had this same issue happening to them from the 27.2.4 version). My obs kept crashing my VIVE wireless vr headset, started freezing the game, disconnecting my bluetooth devices and even crashing the game. suffered from this...
  2. O

    Crash on startup, help!

    Recently OBS started crashing, I assumed it was because i reinstalled windows a couple of weeks ago, but I made sure to update all of my drivers and OBS, if you have any clue how to help me I'm ready to listen. Logs attached
  3. H

    Getting rendering lag even when no games are open.

    As the title says, even without any game open, OBS studio is noting Frames missed due to rendering lag. During a test recording of FF14 Endwalker, my OBS log states my GPU is being overloaded, but according to my task manager my GPU utilization is only 20% while recording. Does anyone have any...
  4. rachalmers

    Not loading Python. Is it ok anyway?

    The latest version of Python is 3.9.2 as well. I have Python installed on the Mac, but this doesn's see it anyway. Well not that library anyway, [Python] Could not load library: libpython3.9.dylib Cheers Logfile attached
  5. C

    Dropped Frames When Recording On OBS (Nintendo Switch)

    Hi Everyone! I have a triple monitor setup. With two LG monitors having two HDMI inputs and my third monitor having both an external VGA and HDMI input. My Current setup is 3060 ti, 16 GB RAM, & AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6 core. Whenever I record video through OBS of my nintendo switch, it's dropping...
  6. P

    OBS CRASHING when launching or sometimes when Alt+Tabing

    Hello everyone, Recently, I upgraded to the Win11 beta and started streaming without a single issue. But unfortunately, yesterday I couldn't even open OBS. I read the crash log and saw that "d3d11.dll" was causing the Crash. Then, I reinstalled DirectX and it worked.. Just for yesterday. I...
  7. T

    Stream seems to be fine for a brief moment then starts looking very choppy

    Hi guys, I'm quite new into the streaming industry and still yet to learn many things. I have recently started to test out OBS + Youtube streaming to see how capable the hardware of my PC is but frankly I have no clue about the settings. While doing this testing, I have opened the Dota 2 game...
  8. V

    Aborting due to FD_CLOSE, error 10053

    So I have been streaming on Facebook for over an year. Recently my stream disconnects from uploading to facebook all of a sudden everyday and I need to force close obs from task manager and reopen it again to reconnect( always run obs as an admin). I just cant figure out whether it is my ISP...
  9. Z

    OBS won't open. Log included.

    OBS has been super solid for the past 2 years I've used it on my computer. This morning, I can't get it to open. I even deleted the OBS studio directory in App data like other posts suggest. I see a few things in the log that might help; 15:17:04.021: [CoreAudio encoder]: CoreAudio AAC...
  10. K

    Random disconnect, then reconnect with no discernable triggers (Log Provided)

    My session randomly disconnected tonight and then reconnected again with no discernable triggers. Anyone have any idea what generally might have happened here based on the relevant log section? Wanna make sure it wasn't on my end, but I don't understand the data. Log Highlights...
  11. M

    Audio input capture not working - Log file attached

    Trying to figure out what would cause OBS to lose audio signal from Audio Input Capture. I currently use an Apogee Duet audio interface to capture audio. Everything starts off fine but I completely lose the audio signal in obs and in turn, twitch, about 3 times on average over the course of a...
  12. K

    OBS loses primary audio device while streaming, then finds it again immediately (Log in post!)

    This issue has been going on for about a month now off and on and I'm not sure what's causing it. I haven't changed anything in OBS or my hardware or Windows. I've been streaming with OBS Studio for about 3 years now and never ran into an issue like this before. Basically, when I'm streaming...
  13. rockyandriley

    Question / Help I record for this long and I only get a minute

    So when I'm recording I record for 29 minutes or so and it only records for a minute and in that minute I get the audio but there is no action I have my mouse to be on but it doesn't show up and it doesn't show me selecting anything please help
  14. D

    Question / Help Need Help Obs keeps crashing

    Posted the most recent crash have others. Thank you
  15. T

    Question / Help Dual Audio Tracks Work in VLC, but Only One Shows Up In Sony Vegas 15

    So the problem is just as the title suggest, I set OBS to record two audio tracks one for my mic and one for game sound. In VLC I can switch from track 2 to track 3 and hear my game audio on track 2 and my mic on track 3. When I import it to Sony Vegas Pro 15 only one audio track shows and...
  16. God_V_Gamer

    Question / Help OBS Crashes with second monitor

    Hello, I connected a second monitor to my pc over WiFi and when I try to place OBS in the second monitor,it crashes.Here is the log file that is being saved when this happens. How can I fix it?
  17. V

    Question / Help Poor recording quality with Nvenc

    Hello, I'm having issues with recording using Nvenc encoder. While I used H.264 My poor performance while gaming is reflected in my recording. I was told Nvenc would help with performance and quality freeing resources from the CPU. My game will run normally but the recording will be a choppy...