Getting rendering lag even when no games are open.


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As the title says, even without any game open, OBS studio is noting Frames missed due to rendering lag.

During a test recording of FF14 Endwalker, my OBS log states my GPU is being overloaded, but according to my task manager my GPU utilization is only 20% while recording. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
32 GB ram
Geforce 2080TI
Game Mode on/off doesn't matter.
DVR is turned off.
OBS Studio is being run as admin.



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Interestingly I had this issue on a previous PC and through trial and elimination, running either Equaliser APO (or the front-end "Peace") in the background was causing it. As soon as these were turned off in Task Manager, the rendering lag ceased completely.

I now have a new PC and sadly having to go through the same trial and elimination again....


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Further to my post above, changing my FPS value in the Video settings from 60 to 30 (just for testing purposes) has dropped the rendering lag from say 1.8% average to 0.4% (or less, depending on what I also have running - eg a multi-tabbed browser).

I'm otherwise idling in OBS (no games running) with a 3080 so I'm a tad surprised there is any issue at all.

I am no OBS expert, but from my experience the issue definitely seems to be linked to background apps and OBS video settings (FPS values certainly but even dropping the base & canvas resolutions from 1440 to 1080 seemed to make a difference).