Dropped Frames When Recording On OBS (Nintendo Switch)


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Hi Everyone!

I have a triple monitor setup. With two LG monitors having two HDMI inputs and my third monitor having both an external VGA and HDMI input. My Current setup is
3060 ti, 16 GB RAM, & AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6 core.

Whenever I record video through OBS of my nintendo switch, it's dropping frames and the video does not look smooth through the game capture. I have tried changing my recording settings but nothing seems to work.

Are there any additional settings I may me missing out on or could my capture card be faulty? I'm using an elgato HD60+.

Video Sample: https://vimeo.com/635656573




Thank you


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Most likely it's one of three things.
1) That you have a Monitor Capture in your scene. These are notorious for causing performance issues, and should only EVER be used as an absolute last resort, in their own separate dedicated scene. Preferably not at all.

2) Your monitors are running at different refresh rates (one is 75hz, the other two are 60hz). There's a long-standing Windows bug that SHOULD have been fixed in patch 2004, but did not fix the issue in all cases. The solution is either to run all of your monitors at the same refresh rate, or disable the preview in OBS by right-clicking on it and selecting Disable. This also prevents using Projectors as they can trigger the Windows bug as well.

3) You're using NVENC with the Max Quality preset and Psychovisual Tuning enabled. Use the Quality preset instead, and make sure that Psychovisual Tuning and Lookahead are UNchecked. Those three can cause performance issues (usually presenting as rendering latency, which isn't present in your log) even on a system that should work perfectly.