OBS Running Ends in BSOD With Every Game


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Hey there, new to forums and looking for help. I have been streaming using OBS for years without issues and this past month have not been able to stream consistently due to a reoccuring issue. Everytime I try to start streaming, my OBS will randomly freeze and crash. Sometimes this causes my PC to lock up and completely crash leading to all black screens or BSOD. I have:

-Uinstalled and reinstalled graphic drivers
-Uninstalled and reinstalled OBS
-Dumbed downed my stream settings for lower quality
-I HAVE NOT overclocked anything

My specs are below:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core processor
64 Bit
1060 GTX Nvidia Graphics Card

I notice that my CPU usage is not spiking during the issue at all, but my GPU will often jump from around 40-50% to 100% and stay maxed out. The game it happens the most consistent with is "Zero Hour." It is not the most optimized game, but is not a very detailed game graphics wise. I use the lowest settings for graphics anyway. I was able to stream this game and Warzone with no problems the previous month as well.

I have the latest crash report and log from earlier today. Any help is much appreciated! :)


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BSOD and similar crashes that require a hard PC restart are hardware-related issues. Either some hardware is defective or some driver. If you use proper and current drivers and the issue persists, check your hardware. Check Overclocking, cabling, overheating, power supply, memory. If your PC is new and never worked without issue before, it might also be an incompatible mainboard / GPU / memory.