Question / Help BSOD, complete melt down, and OBS crashing all in one session!


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and to steaming in general! Been going about 6 weeks now and up until this evening no problems

Earlier, whenever I started a stream, OBS would either crash, my PC would BSOD and in one case my entire screen went very pixelated...I then opened a youtube "fix" video and my screen went CRAZY pixelated and crashed the PC again.

I was fairly sure it was to do with my new GPU, so I removed it and plugged into onboard problems at all. 2 hour stream without a hiccup.

What's confusing me though is I installed the GPU 4 days ago and have been streaming/recording every day since without a single problem. 3 hour stream last night, turned off the PC....loaded up today (and didn't change a single thing/setting from how it was last night) and its been a nightmare!

Crash log file says: Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create input layout (80070057)

I will post the log down below (it wasn't the current or previous log file so couldn't upload it). I only hope the one I post is the correct one (there were about 4 or 5 crashes overall, plus the logs from the streams I didn't have a problem with


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The symptoms you describe are caused by hardware issues with your PC. Whatever it is, it's not related to OBS - it's related to your hardware.


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Oh right, thanks for the reply :) not sure whats going on! I thought this thread hadn't been posted as I couldn't find it, so I posted another earlier and had a reply from a Moderator saying its a known issue with OBS and will be fixed in the next update