spectralizer v1.2

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Spectralizer running alongside tuna.
This plugin allows you to create a audio visualization of obs audio sources.

  1. Open your obs-studio installation folder (eg. Right click on the shortcut and click "Open file location")
  2. Navigate two directories up
  3. Drop the contents of the folder "plugin" from the zip archive in the directory you just opened
  4. Merge the files
  5. Spectralizer should now show up as a source option in obs-studio
  1. Install fftw over your package manager
  2. Unzip the archive
    $ unzip ~/Downloads/spectralizer.* -d ~/Downloads/spectralizer
  3. Navigate to your obs config
    $ cd ~/.config/obs-studio/
  4. Create a folder for the plugin
    $ mkdir -p plugins/spectralizer
  5. Copy the folders contents of the folder plugin into the new folder
    $ mv ~/Downloads/spectralizer/plugin/* ./
  6. Spectralizer should now show up as a source option in obs-studio
Either run install-mac.sh or follow the steps in the readme
First release
Last update
4.10 star(s) 30 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes and auto scale option

    Added option to disable automatic volume scaling Added scale size and scale boost option Fixed...
  2. Linux version and fixes

    Fixed visualizer not working with frame rates other than 60 Removed specific fps option Added...

Latest reviews

Works as intended! Only problem is that you can't flip the spectralizer. not vertical and not horizontal. and there Ain't much options to customize your spectralizer, would've been cool if there were more options to change your look of the bar to a line or to a Wave. other than that this plugin is great!
You can flip any source in obs you can even rotate them, there's no need for a separate option
Love it
Thx, that's good plugin for broadcasts. =)
Doesn't work on any sort of incoming signal, only VLC and other media, so I have to give this the lowest rating. No fix on the github, can't use the app as intended. Please remove features that don't work.
I'm not going to remove a feature just because it didn't work for you
Really good Visualizer, I would love to have the option added to set the frequency range however, would make this a 10/10 plugin
I loved it, I would like to put a circular image and that the audio could be seen around as in streamyard, can you do it please?
Great Plugin!

---> FOR PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS, LOOK FOR "audio visualizer" SOURCE, NOT "spectralizer" <---

I was confused for a long time about why is wasn't showing up, but i just didn't know what I was looking for. Works amazingly well once you find it!

Searched for something like this for ages just to find out it's been a thing since 2019, awesome! I can finally replace my unreliable HTML Browser Visualizer :D
very Good!
I made a low-level mistake before and caused the installation to fail!
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\ >>>success
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit >>>fail
Got it installed and it shows up as a source. Wish there was a mode for it being as a circle instead of a line.