Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Let's you display information about the currently playing song in obs without running a third-party app.
Currently supports four different ways of music sources:
  • Spotify (All song information, including Cover art)
  • MPD (All song information, including Cover art)
  • VLC Video source (All song information, including Cover art)
  • Window title (additional formatting, like cutting characters)
Where is the song information?
The information is provided via text and image files, which can be configured in the tuna dialog, under Tools > Tuna settings. To display the information you have to add a text and image source and point them to the text and image file respectively:
Either run the installer tuna-installer-win32.64.exe or follow these steps:
  1. Open your obs-studio installation folder (eg. Right click on the shortcut and click "Open file location")
  2. Navigate two directories up
  3. Drop the contents of the folder plugin in the directory
  4. Merge the files
  5. Tuna should now show up in the tools menu of obs-studio
  1. Unzip the archive
    $ unzip ~/Downloads/tuna.* -d ~/Downloads/tuna
  2. Navigate to your obs config
    $ cd ~/.config/obs-studio/
  3. Create a folder for the plugin
    $ mkdir -p plugins/tuna
  4. Copy the folders contents of the folder plugin into the new folder
    $ mv ~/Downloads/tuna/plugin/* ./
  5. Tuna should now show up in the tools menu of obs-studio
  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Make sure you have brew installed
  3. Run
This tab sets up settings like where to save the cover and song info files. It also contains information about formatting, which is fairly self explanatory. It also let's you switch where the plugin gets the song information from and whether the plugin is running.

The refresh rate is used to set how often the plugin should query the song information, you shouldn't set this too low for Spotify, since every refresh means a request to the Spotify servers.
To use the Spotify source follow these steps:
  1. Click on "Tools" at the top of the obs window
  2. Select "Tuna settings"
  3. Select "Spotify" as the music source
  4. Select the "Spotify" tab
  5. Click "Open login page" and accept the info message (might also wanna read it)
  6. Verify the URL, login and grant access
  7. Copy the code into the "Authentication code" field
  8. Click "Request token"
  9. You're done! If there were errors they will be logged in the textbox under "Response log"
If you experience issues at some point, you can click "Perform refresh" to request a new token, or completely login again by clicking "Open login page" again.
If you continuously experience login issues, make sure that
  1. You have the latest version
  2. The Spotify servers aren't down or the API isn't rate limited (you can check by looking at the obs studio log)
  3. You cleared your cookies for the login page (using incognito mode also works)
  1. Click on "Tools" at the top of the obs window
  2. Select "Tuna settings"
  3. Select "MPD" as the music source
  4. Select the "MPD" tab
  5. Enter the MPD server IP and port (or select local connection)
  6. You're done
Only works with VLC >=3.0.0
  1. Click on "Tools" at the top of the obs window
  2. Select "Tuna settings"
  3. Select "VLC" as the music source
  4. Select the "VLC" tab
  5. Select the VLC source from the drop-down menu
  6. You're done
  1. Click on "Tools" at the top of the obs window
  2. Select "Tuna settings"
  3. Select "Window title" as the music source
  4. Select the "Window title" tab
  5. Enter any search term (e.g. Firefox, to search for any window that contains the word Firefox)
  6. Optionally add a search and replace term and/or cut the first or last characters
  7. You're done
Open or close the dock by selecting View > Docks > Music control. You can also close the dock via the 'x' button when it's undocked or the UI is unlocked. Rightclick anywhere in the dock window to set what information you want displayed.
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4.83 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Music control dock, label format option

    Added a control dock Added format option for song label I haven't tested the dock for Spotify...
  2. VLC Source support and fixes

    Added support for obs-studio's builtin VLC source Added option to allow leading/trailing spaces...
  3. Fixes

    Changed outputs file path, because the previous one required admin rights. Redacted sensible...

Latest reviews

Looks like a good plugin. Trying to get it working with VLC but the source only has "none" on it and refreshing doesn't add anything. Any ideas?
Do you have any VLC sources added? It only works with VLC sources not with the actual VLC player
Great Plugin. Litle complicated, but after some time I got what I wanted.

But... how do I uninstall the plugin. I did it with the Control Panel and by deleting the files, but the Music Control panel still shows up at the beginnen.
running the uninstaller should take care of it if you're on windows, otherwise you have to delete the plugin files manually
I found it a little hard to setup, but I'm pretty sure that's just me as I have inexperience with using OBS plugins. I am using it for a 24/7 music stream, and it is a great plugin to use. I would recommend this if you are trying to use this for a 24/7 stream, or for any stream that you are trying to show song info.
Thanks for the update and fix on the placeholder image :D
and oh! I don't know if that was there before, but just saw the "hide when paused" option for the progress bar. Thanks!

If you'd like a report on the dock, the buttons don't seem to interact with Spotify at all. forward, back, or play/pause. The song name does update and the image for "play/pause" does change if I play/pause it with my keyboard or the program itself. (Just reporting for others who might want use it)
Yeah I noticed the issue with spotify, I think I know what's causing it'll just take a bit for me to fix it.
I got it installed and working with Spotify. I can get album art, progress bar, song title and artist.
Updated to 1.4.1. I believe 1.4.0 was crashing OBS 25. Didn't seem to have any issues with 1.4.1 though.
Would be nice to have the progress bar and the cover disappear when spotify is paused. Cover used to work, but not any more for some reason.
I know about the cover issue, but I haven't gotten around to fix it
Yet another very useful plugin!
No more "snip" for me, it's Tuna now.
Thank You!
(and thanks to Heatsick's rating, I was able to make the placeholder image into a transparent/empty one)
Awesome, would love direct VLC
Easy to install and use. Lacks direct VLC support, but was able to get it working with the Windows Title function.
This is great! It works really well, and is very customizable. One critique that would be nice is the ability for a "main" artist wildcard, since some songs can have a ton of artists, like a movie soundtrack with multiple singers on a track.
Spotify reports all artists as one long string so the only option would be to assume that the first one is the "main" artist, but other than that it could be doable