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  1. E

    OBS Python Now Playing 0.1

    Now Playing is an OBS script that will update a Text Source with the current song that Media Player is playing. Currently supports: Spotify VLC Youtube (for Firefox and Chrome) Foobar2000 You'll need Python 3.6 (OBS requirement) and PyWin32 Only for Windows OS How to use it : Download the...
  2. W

    Question / Help only display text when it changes

    Good morning all how we doing So im unable to sleep and decided to work on my overlays and thought i would remove the static text (latest follow xxxx, latest sub xxxx, now playing song xxxx) and have it only display when it changes, but can not figure out how or even if this is a possibility...
  3. char

    [Linux] [OSX] Essential Now Playing on Linux

    NOTE: This was tested solely on Ubuntu 17.10, so though this can work on OSX, you will have to work out those details. I really like to show the current song that is playing on my stream. Most of the music I listen to is on YouTube, so I would like to display the title of the video I'm...
  4. Tipher88

    Non-OBS Script VLC NowPlaying 1.7.0

    Latest version : 1.7.0 This is a Python script I put together in order to display information from VLC on my stream. The setup that I know this script will work on is Windows 7/10 with Python v2.7/v3.4-7 and VLC v2.2.4-v3.0.4, but it should be cross platform although I cannot guarantee that...